Mumia's freedom
Shinbashi Station Square(2016 December 9)
We wholeheartedly support the rallies for Mumia's freedom and medical treatment and held today a protest action for Mumia, the President of Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Han San-gyun, and the longest held Japanese political prisoner, Fumiaki Hoshino, in front of the steam locomotive at Shinbashi Station Square.

Steve Zeltzer and Lynne Stewart
(Transport Workers Solidarity Committee) (Returned Political Prisoner)
We collected petitions for Hoshino-san's release. Here is the new petition statement signed by Lynne and received 38 signatures.

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Tokyo High Court Denies Hoshino Retrial in Blatant Violation of Law
Hoshino Raises Objection Immediately
Free Innocent Political Prisoner Hoshino !

Hoshino Defense Committee

On March 30, the 11th Criminal Division of Tokyo High Court (Chief Judge Masaki Wakahara) dismissed Fumiaki Hoshino 's second application of retrial, which had been filed on November 27, 2009. On April 3, Hoshino and his defense council filed opposition to the outrageous dicision.

Hight Court supported lies in the decision of Supreme Court in 2008 that dismissed the opposition by the defense council to the denial of the first application for retrial and the prosecution's opinion in March 2011 and vehemently attacked the expert opinion written by professor Itsukushima who proved the lies in witnesses' statements based on psycological experiements.

Blatant oppression

The second application of retrial and three suppliments completely proved Hoshino 's innocence and concretely exposed the prosecution's crime of frame-up. Judge Watanabe could not uphold the original decision without adandoning even pretense of "fairness," blatantly taking sides with the prosecution.

Hoshino has been behind bars for 37 years, without any contact visit with his family. He was deprived of any and evey freedom, rights and social relation. Fight back the unjustice system together with innumerable raging people who fight against nuclear power and unemployment!

"Police investigators' inducement of confession is effective to recall memory"

Judge Wakahara shamelessly stated, "Without unlawful means, police investigators can induce confessions and effectively help recall the memory of witnesses." The judge himself knows too well that the police and the prosecution had used so-called "memory recalling"?inducement of false confessions?in order to frame up innumerable innocent people.

Wakahara reluctantly admitted the difference in color or clothes, "The witness Kr commited an error stating that the color of Hoshino 's clothes had been biscuit." Nevertheles, the judge insisted that Kr had been able to identify Hoshino because of his voice.

However, the difference in color of clothes was not a partial error. The witness Kr had never seen Hoshino before the day of the demonstration during which the policeman died. He stated, "Although I could not see the face of the man who beat the policeman, I thought he was Mr. Hoshino ," on the ground of the color of the clothes. If this story breaks down, all of his testimony will break down.

By this blazenly unjust and unlawful decision by Tokyo High Court, Fumiaki Hoshino 's release from the prison was delayed once more.
No to Life Imprisonment, Free Hoshino ! Organize Nation-wide and Interantional Free Hoshino Campagne!

Send a protest letter to:
11th Criminal Division of Tokyo High Court
1-1-4 Kasumigaseki, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Send a solidarity letter to:
Mr. Fumiaki Hosino
200-1 Nyutacho-ohisa, Tokushima-City, Tokushima Prefecture

Hoshino Defense Committee condemns execution of Troy Davis

Dear Family of Troy Davis and Brothers and Sisters in the United States,
We, Hoshino Defense Committee, wholly share US workers' profound outrage. The ruling class and the racists murdered Troy Davis in cold blood.
They only wanted to save the tyrannical state power by tyrannical means.
We know that we ourselves will be the next victims, unless we beat down such murderers.
"I am innocent," said Davis from gurney. There was no physical evidence. Seven of nine non-police witnesses recanted their previous testimony. But the US Supreme Court, the Courts and the Parole Boardof Georgia enforced the execution regardless.
Since Troy Davis persisted his innocence to the last minutes, his fighting spirit will continue forever.
In order to inherit his determination to beat back the US ruling class and the racists, we will fight shoulder to shoulder with you.
Troy Davis did not fight in vain. In deep sorrow, his sister Martina Correia said that she is determined to keep fighting the death penalty.
The US ruling class who brutally assaulted Troy Davis is now escalating their attack on Mumia Abu-Jamal; Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams appealed to the US Supreme Court in order to re-instate his death sentence.
In international solidarity, we will strenuously fight to defend his life, to abolish death penalty and to free Kevin Cooper,
Fumiaki Hoshino and other innocent prisoners.
Let's overthrow imperialism that requires death and incarceration of our brothers and sisters!
In Solidarity,
Akiko Hoshino , Hoshino Defense Committee
September 25, 2011

Brief Bio of Brother Hoshino Fumiaki

Brother Hoshino Fumiaki was born as the middle of three children of the Hoshino in Sapporo, Hokkaido on April 27, 1946.
His mother, Michie, used to say proudly" Our elder son is architect, third son is a artist, and cadet is an revolutionary"

Shibuya Struggle
In April 1966, he entered Takasaki City University of Economics and fought against irregularity of entrance examination.
He stayed in Sanrizuka as a resident activist from winter to summer of 1971 and fought against the confiscation
of land of farmers to construct the Narita Airport.

On November 14, 1971, he participated, as one of the leaders, in a demonstration in Shibuya, Tokyo,
against ratification of Okinawa Reversion Agreement. Although 313 workers and students were arrested,
the struggle has been continued till late at night.
During violent clashes between demonstrators and the riot police, one of the riot policemen died
while sister Nagata Noriko, a education worker from Osaka was killed by the riot police near Ikebukuro Station.

Encounter with sister Akiko and marriage to her
August 6, 1975, he was arrested unlawfully. On February 13, 1979, the prosecution demanded death penalty;
the Tokyo District Court sentenced him to 20-year imprisonment.

July 13, 1983, the Tokyo High Court overturned the earlier decision and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

July 17, 1987, the Supreme Court dismissed his final appeal; life imprisonment confirmed.
Since the last half of ,70 he suffered from prison reaction for several years.
Unjust punishments were imposed to him time and again.

In these years sister Akiko often went to the courts. Through this she began to associate with him.
Exchanging letters and visiting him they nurtured love.
On September 17, 1986, they got married. Under Japanese prison system,
they are completely separated by plastic board in the prison visiting room
and cannot touch each other,s hands, even though they are a married couple.

September 17 of this year will be their 25th wedding anniversary.

Struggle in Tokushima Prison
Brother Hoshino has a taste for painting. When he drew pictorial cuts on his letters to sister Akiko,
prison official prohibited to do so, because"it might be secret codes".
After this incident he participated in drawing club established in the prison.
He began to contribute his painting to the contest of Shikoku District.
It took nearly 10 years for him to become permitted to use brush-pencil and paint in his own cell.
September 27, 1990, his father, Mr Hoshino Saburo, passed away.
He had been saying,"I want to sleep in the same room with Fumiaki side by side"

Struggle for Retrial
April 17, 1996, Brother Hoshino filed an application for a new trial.
Half year later he was imposed 20-day disciplinary measure on the charge
that"he washed his foot after he had crushed a cockroach"
He was forced to sit in the room without moving and cannot relax his position except sleeping time.
February 22, 2000, an appeal for retrial raised by brother Hoshino was rejected.
July 14, 2008, his special appeal was dismissed by the Supreme Court.
With this first retrial proceedings were over.

Struggle against visitation ban and oppression in prison
In May 2006, Act on Penal Detention Facilities and Treatment of Inmates and Detainees was put in force in place of old Prison Act.
Under the new law, visitation of his friends were permitted from June on. So far 94 persons in total visited him.

In July, 2007, his mother, Mrs. Hoshino Michie, became seriously ill.
Brother Hoshino fought for his temporary release. But his mother passed away without seeing him.

In November, 2008, Tokushima prison authority refused the visitation of two friends of him.

After this, the prison authority refused consecutively three visitation applications and seven persons could not visit him.

After a nation-wide Hoshino Defense Committee,s fight-back campaign against this outrageous repression, we got back our right to visit him.
In March and April, prison authority imposed him disciplinary measures.

In 1988,"Campaign to save brother Hoshino "was organized at Suginami-ward, Tokyo and Tokushima Prefecture.
Currently 23 branches of Hoshino Defense Committee are organized around the country.
"Free Hoshino Banner"designed by Hoshino Shuzo, younger brother of Fumiaki, is the symbol of our struggle.

Second application for retrial
November 27, 2009, his lawyers filed the second application for the retrial.

March 24, 2010, they filed the application for disclosure of the evidences.
August 8, 2010, the prosecution disclosed 159 photos, among which we discovered the photo taken by Ichiromaru�\the decisive evidence for Hoshino ,s innocence.

In May, the Tokushima Prison refused again visitations of Hoshino ,s friends. Five visitation applications, seven friends in total, were denied.

September 17, on the 24th anniversary of her marriage with Fumiaki, the visitation of Sister Hoshino Akiko was denied.
Her five letters sent to him were made partially unreadable.

Our struggle after March 11, 2011
March 11, 2011, the great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear disaster have occurred; we face totally new phase of political and class struggle situation.

May 4 and 5, Sister Hoshino Akiko and some members of Hoshino Defense Committee visited afflicted areas in Fukushima and Miyagi Prefectures.

May 14, they also visited Okinawa to fight with the workers of Okinawa, brother Hoshino ,s sympathy to Okinawan people in mind.

June 5, we attended a big rally of the Nationwide Movement of National Railway Struggle.

On June 11, a million people participated the demonstration against nuke and unemployment, whith were held in 200 places across the country.
On June 19, we participated in a big anti-nuke demo in Fukushima.

When we visited brother Hoshino in June, he told us that"Now I am fighting intending to leave prison within two or three years".
Later Akiko receive a letter from him in which he wrote: "I said that very seriously".

June 24 and 25, National Conference of Hoshino Defense Committee was held.

Sister Hoshino Akiko and whole affiliated members of the country are now fighting to get back brother Hoshino within two or three years.