FreeHoshino! #209

Need to Achieve Millions of Signature-Collection
For Success of 11.2 Labors Meeting and 11.29 Free Hoshino All Japan Meeting

Vent Our Anger at the 7.1 Decision
The decision of collective self-defense by Abe administration on July 1 meant declaration of war to us. People's anger is increasing day by day.
The US President Obama bulled the bombing strike on Syria, and Abe expressed to support it. The crises of war in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria expanded consequently and it has brought crisis in East Asia.
We appealed peace for the world on August 7 at Hibiya, and we keep going on to fight against Abe administration.

On September 23,fifteen-thousand people gathered for anti-nuclear plants, and on Sept. 28, seventy-five hundred people gathered against reactivation of Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima prefecture.

Fumiaki Hoshino's art exhibitions are always successful because of the strong resentment of the workers who believe that Hoshino is innocent.

To Disclose the All Evidences
There are four big reasons to disclose the evidences.

Frist, we have a right to ask for disclosure of all evidences as a course of judicial process.
Second, prosecutors including law enforcement had power and enough resources to collect evidences at the incident.
Third, any evidence should not be manipulated by the prosecutor.
Forth, all evidences are in the storage of prosecutor's office.

A Letter From a Protester
I come from Fukushima prefecture, and I was ashamed of myself because I did not care much about society and the world before 3.11. Since there have been cruel damage in my home town., I realized that there were a lot of absurdity in the world.

I have known about Mr. Hoshino when I participated at the demo and a meeting of anti-nuclear and right to collective self-defense. I was surprised because my husband is the same age as Mr. Hoshino whom the authority put him in prison for such a long time on the false charge. I really hope that the trial is going to reopen.

Granted Right to Access to the Evidences
Joji Fujita, Attorney
The Defendants, Japanese Government and Tokyo Metropolitan
This case is about a video tape of the TV news called the Shibuya Riot, which Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department recorded. It was presented as evidence at the Tokyo District Court. The court ordered Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to take custody of the video tape in 1977, but found out that it has been missing since 2008.

On September 9, Tokyo District Court ordered Tokyo Metropolitan to pay 200,000 yen to us..

Tokushima Visitation Diary

We Give Life Each Other
The 40 Year Fight in Jail against Destruction of Solidarity

Akiko Hoshino
On September 8, it was not too hot, and I felt the autumn breeze. It was comfortable.
Fumiaki looked well, and when I asked his physical condition, he said that he couldn't be bad health.
At our August meeting we discussed about our future activities after the conclusion of the collective self-defense on 7.1, but it did not come to any decision. I was actually fatigued and he worried about my smiling face presented not a real smiling, and he wrote to me a letter for that.

"Our fighting for 40 years is the fight against destruction of solidarity, so we will win by developing real solidarities."

In recent years non-regular employees are extremely increasing. My neighborhood in Asagaya, Tokyo is the same; there are many homeless people in a park behind downtown.
People are thinking in earnest about tomorrow in the hopeless age of Abe administration.

I found that the people who were watching Fumiaki's art with keen interest are increasing steadily in these days. He has been drawing hope of life for 40 years. The fighting to free Fumiaki is a battle of finding a hope. I believe that we will be able to collect a million of signatures in the near future.
Fumiaki concluded about the suppression against him. The authority is not only against Fumiaki but also his supporters who are helping, including all labors in the world. That is why we have to fight together. This is not an individual fighting.
He seemed to be so happy because I had a brilliant smiling while I visited him.
The State Compensation to the Video
On the 9th, Fumiaki told me that he wanted me to tell his people to protest against outsourcing by the companies in Koriyama, Fukushima prefecture.
On the next day, I reported him that we won the missing video case.

It came down to the responsibility of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department which had poor management on the custody of important evidences, which the court did not pay attention for a long time.
Fumiaki was pleased about the win, saying that it would lead the disclosure of other evidence.

On the 11th, the prison returned his picture to me, which was titled "The hills on Furano where I walk with Akiko". Fumiaki selected a motif from a photo book that Masami Kuraoka gave Fumiaki when she visited him. He wrote "For Kuraoka Sisters" on the painting. He wanted me to send a replica to Masami. She lost her sister.

On the last day, he told me about his study. He is studying on importance of human's collaboration with all creation. Our topic was about our relationship. Fumiaki said, "Our relationship became one life we give each other. The people we had relationship with also share our lives together through sharing the experience. Since we meet five days in a row, I feel still together even after you are gone."

It was very fulfilling meeting though I wanted talk more.