FreeHoshino! #217
Let's Establish Free Hoshino Groups Every Area and
Fight against the Abe's War Bill

The people in Nagoya established "Free Hoshino Group Aichi" during they were holding Hoshino Art Exhibition for the first time. This is the 28th Free Hoshino Group. This is one of the good examples that Hoshino Art Exhibition apprises people of Hoshino and induces the people to act for Free Hoshino.
Abe ministration is using repressive force with fear of people's activities. The authority faked up charge of fraud and made a search of Northern Tokyo Branch Union that is a leading group against war activity.

The Okinawa Struggle and Art Exhibition
This year is after 43 years of Okinawa reversion to Japanese sovereignty from U.S. occupation. On the memorial day May 15, we marched on the big streets in Naha city downtown against Abe administration and their relocation of US military base to Henoko, Okinawa. A lot of Okinawa citizens were cheering for us on the roadsides.
On May 17, forty people gathered at our Hoshino Okinawa Struggle Exchanging Meeting. There were some new faces and we all made sure of significance of the historical Hoshino Art Exhibition in Okinawa, and we reconfirmed our resolve to demonstration around Tokushima prison on September 6.

started a hundred signatures campaign.

Dicision against Missing Video Case on May 13
Impeachment the Tokyo High Court for Missing the Evidence

On May 13, the chief judge Masaaki Okuda of the Tokyo High Court decided against the plaintiff of the case that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department(TMDP)lost the important evidence; a video tape, It was reversed the first trial that the TMDP was judged to be responsible and they had to pay state compensation 200,000 yen to the plaintiff.
We will appeal to the Supreme Court, and fight with the right of access to the evidence which is with no precedent.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

We Deepen Profundity of Human Beings with Struggle in the Facts of Life

Akiko Hoshino

On May 25, it was a sunny day, Fumiaki waited for me with a smiling face and looked very fine.
I talked about Hoshino Art Exhibition in Okinawa which had 640 visitors, and we got 400,000 yen of donation and sold 58 copies of our book "Love and Revolution" at the exhibition. Fumiaki said, "The reason why it was successful was because you prepared well and Okinawa citizens were charmed by your work. It is not only people in Okinawa, but also in other places."
I also told him about exhibitions in the other places such as Fukushima, Shizouka, Nagano, and Osaka. The readers who were moved by the book "Love and Revolution" planned to hold Hoshino's exhibitions and had good efforts.
"I got very cheerful letters." Fumiaki looked happy, "From Mr. Toshiya Oogata and Ms. Nobuko Oohata, saying they have realized that human being is such an amazing creature! "

On May 26, Fumiaki talked his health condition that he suffered from an itchy skin
rash earlier, and it is going into remission. "I did push-up too much and hurt my shoulder and now abstain from exercise. Recently I increase repetition. Muscles prevent disease germs, and I continue daily exercise." "I walk as can as possible." I could only say so about exercise.
I mentioned about Universal health insurance system in the State, "The Obama care is for the big companies' advantage." Fumiaki followed, "99 % of labors sustain the society. We will wrest control from the 1 %, capitalists, and change the society."

Anger at the Prison Denied Meeting with Husband
On May 27, at first we talked about his erosive gastritis, pimples, hypothermia, and that a pocket body wormer is necessary. He is seeing a medical doctor next week.
He gave a massage to Yosuke Oda and Shoko Tomita who will get married that everything is all right if he believes his capability even if he has to be in prison. I will tell them at their wedding.
He gave me his new painting that is presented solidarity of Korean and Japanese.

Fumiaki said at the end of the fourth day, "It is important that we deepen profundity of human beings with struggle in the facts of life."
Many months ago, we were allowed to meet five times a month and the day May 28 was supposed to be the fifth day, but we were denied at the clerk.
The prison's reason was that Fumiaki met an attorney and he has no meeting right in this month anymore. I appealed strongly with my companion Mr. S that was unfair, but the manager of general affair just turned down my request though they offered us cups of tea in the office while we were appealing since the new director came to the prison.