FreeHoshino! #203


Take a Leap to Disclosure of Evidence Movement

Take a Leap to Disclosure of Evidence Movement
On March 27, Shizuoka District Court issued a retrial for Iwao Hakamada. He was released after 48
years. Although state power forced him a death penalty by fabricating evidences, disclosure of truth reversed
the result.

It was a great victory. We were heartened by the case.


People's anger has erupted against the authorities. The administration discards Fukushima's nuclear
incident, and decided re-operation of the nuclear power plant. Hoshino's supporters are active for Free
Hoshino movement against Abe regime. Our activities come along with the Japan National Rail Ways movement. We
carried out a signature collecting campaign in a bid to recall 1047 former stuff of JNRW who were forced to be

Spring Labor Offensive Rally

Hoshino was fighting for the society to change so that people can live more humanly. Since he struggled at the
reversion of Okinawa in the early 70's, authorities sentenced him a life imprisonment. However, Hoshino has
never given up his hope. Our disappointment against the authorities, which has kept Hoshino for 39 years, with
the anger of the young labors suffered by the neo-liberalists, will bring us together to save Hoshino.
The next step is to disclose all evidences including the confession statements of the eleven witnesses.
In January, the 36th Free Hoshino Group was formed in Iwate
Prefecture, and there were Hoshino's painting exhibitions and meetings for Free Hoshino activities across the country. Disclosure of All Evidences movement is growing.

Hoshino's struggle has proceeded to a decisive battle with workers rising up by winning the class unity. K-
Center committed at the 2.9 Shibuya large demonstration and the twice Tokushima prison demonstrations. The
various groups of Doro-Mito enacted the resolution to collaborate for Free Hoshino.

Prosecutors Must Put Out the Negative Films

A large movement for disclosing of evidences is our main activity of 2014. In the three-party-meeting on
December 25 last year, our attorneys won to disclose the negative of the films, which became the significant
evidence. However, the prosecutors say that they do not show the developed photos because they said " We
failed in scanning the films."

Hoshino did not beat the police officer. A photo that Ichiromaru, a police officer, took in front of Tokyu
department store in Shibuya will become a conclusive evidence. However, the Tokyo High Court 11th Criminal
Division has dismissed the retrial because "There is a vestige of a spoilage in the film."

Akiko Hoshino's Allegation Concluded

On March 7, Akiko Hoshino and Katsumi Kanayama,co-representative of Free Hoshino Committee, filed an action in
Tokyo District Court against refusal of visitation by Hoshino's friends and blacking letters to Fumiaki.

At the court, attorney Syouzi Nishimura filed 57 page-long document, and Akiko and Katsumi Kanayama submitted
the statement of fact. Akiko read the statement.
Exchanging Letters and Visitation is the Bonds of Our Conjugal Life
"The reason why I launched legal action against Tokushima prison was that the prison
completely trampled us down. We are a husband and a wife who communicate by the short
visitation and exchanging letters. I noticed that most of prisons in Japan are violating of human rights. Your Honour, please try to imagine how painful it is for a wife and a husband to not even touch each other's hands. Please imagine how valuable to exchange letters and a visitation."
It seemed to be full of anger in the court gallery. "Tokushima prison's violations are unforgivable."
Denial of the visitation by Tokushima prison began in May, 2010. Seven friends of Fumiaki were denied.
In September, the Prison denied even Akiko. At the same time, blacking out of Akiko's letters to Fumiaki
We impeached the prison in November 2011. Since then we have been fighting in ten courts.
The visitation by his friends accumulated -- total of 94 people since 2006 -- and progress of Free
Hoshino movement. But the prison feared the further progress, and they started denying visitors and blacking
out on the letters from May, 2010.

[Judgment trial] 13:25 June 20, 803 issue court
3.11 Appeal of Hoshino (excerpt)
Responsibility of the Authorities for Forcing People to the Exposure
Since Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, Fukushima area is exposed to ten times
radioactive of the Hiroshima atomic-bomb. Seventy seven children are suspected thyroid cancer patients. The
people there lost nature, jobs, and lives.

The politicians of the Liberal Democratic Party and the industrial people who said "Nuclear plant is
safe" must take responsibility.

Including Minister Abe, authorities ignore the past, where Empire of Japan suppressed people by the name of the
Public Order and Police Law, and promoted the aggressive war, which resulted in the bloodshed of 30 million
people in Asia. The present politicians of LDP glorify the war-favor policy, and pave the way to war.

Tokushima Visitation Diary
Fumiaki Enjoyed the Meeting with the Old Friend in Koriyama, Fukushima

Akiko Hoshino
On March 12, I saw from the window of the taxi to the Tokushima prison that a single cherry twig was

The main topic was a report of 3.11 Koriyama Meeting that was held on the day before. I told Fumiaki
that it was an impressive meeting that people in Fukushima decided to change this country from Fukushima.
There were high school senior students who said "We accept our fate with the nuclear power plants."

When I told Fumiaki that our 1,100 supporters demonstrated after the meeting, the people of roadside
responded by waving their hands. He replied to me happily, "Yes, even people do not participate in the
demonstration, they would become part of us by seeing the demo."

There were pre-meetings before "3.11 Koriyama Meeting" in the city. When people from Free Hoshino Committee
attended at one place, we met Fumiaki's old friend. It was Mr. H,who is a former labor at a nuclear plant and
is now doing decontamination work. He said that he used to play catch with Fumiaki in high school time. Mr. H
said, "When I was young, I could not do anything but work for living, but now I chose a way of fighting as a
human being."

Fumiaki did not remember his name, but he was happy to hear about Mr. H, and said, "We have chances to find
supporters through expanding the movement. By the way, I got a letter from a friend of my junior high school
time, Mr. N. He was informed about me by Ms. O."

Thanks to Ms. O, passing out Fumiaki's address to some school friends, such as Mr. N, Fumiaki began getting
letters from old friends.

His Appeals Become Easy to Understand
At the meeting of Fujin Minshu Club on March 8, I told them that Fumiaki spent 17 days for the
gubernatorial election campaign in prison. The audience was very impressed, and I told Fumiaki about it.

I still don't know how I should perceive Fumiaki's agitation when he spoke to me in February. I felt that
Fumiaki had undergone a personal transformation to appeal to the 10 million Tokyo residents, as well as all of
the labors in Tokyo. I told my feeling to Fumiaki that his agitation and intensity comes from the deprivation
of his life.

His appeals actually became easy to understand after the campaign.

On the next day, March 13, it was rainy, but Mari Hattori, an activist of Free Hoshino, gave me a pink flower-
printed Korean dress (chima jeogori). I went to meet him in it.

Fumiaki was delighted with it and said, "Good! You look nice."

On the second day, we were looking at the portrayal that he gave me.

"This is based on a picture of children in Southeast Asia that Ms. Fumiko Katsuragi bought at aromatherapy
shop. The picture was full of smiling faces. I painted it while was sneezing a lot in the cold cell. When I
paint people's skin, I usually make it look more translucent, but this time was sunburned skin and it was

I said, "Their facial expression looks nice."

On the 14th, the third day, we talked mainly about his health.

His body temperature on average is 35.5 degrees. "I was in futon as long as possible so that I did not have
cold allergy in this winter. Keeping body warm really helped," He said, "Keeping your fingers warm was also
good, I heard."

He told me some advice to Ms. Y who is struggling with mental illness. She is a daughter of an ardent advocate
for Hoshino, and she, herself, is an activist as well. "It is important that everybody lives humanly. If
everybody can live humanly, you will be happy. Living for other people makes you happy. You do not think that
is a sacrifice, but think that your good part helps others." He continued, "Apart from minding others'
critics, appreciate yourself properly, and find what you have to conquer."

I felt that Fumiaki understands Y's mind perfectly. It was a really fulfilling visitation.