Resolutions Passed NNA Education Conference 10/19/13
San Francisco State University

16. For the Immediate Freedom of Japanese anti-war activist Fumiaki Hoshino who has been imprisoned for more than 38 years for protesting the US-Japan Military Security Agreement.

1. Stop the restarting of all nuclear power plants in Japan and US & secure closure of all those still operating.
2. Support for international global movement to Stop Nuclear Power, Secure Fukushima and Stop Export of Technology.
3. Full compensation/medical care and full protection for nuclear workers and their families.
4. End the repression against anti-nuclear activists and defend democratic and labor rights for all in Japan.
5. Oppose new secrecy laws that will criminalize people from exposing falsehoods and lies by government and corporate officials.
6. Compensation for the evacuation of all children and families in Fukushima.
7. Opposition to the export of all nuke plants and technology by Japan and the US.
8. For the cancellation of the Olympics in Japan.
9. Opposition to raising nuclear radiation limits in Japan, the US and around the world.
10. Opposition to US support of Japanese nuclear plants and militarization including the removal of all US military bases in Asia.
11.Opposition to Trans Pacific Partnership in US, Japan and Asia.
12.For public community controlled power in Japan and US and expansion of solar and green power.
13.Criminal penalties for retaliation against whistleblowers.
14.Full radioactive testing and surveys of all of Japan and the US that are verifiable and available to the public.
15.Support for criminal prosecution and jailing of government officials and corporate agents who have covered up/falsified and lied to the people of Japan and the US about the radioactive contamination of the peoples of both countries.
17. In favor of the petition of No Nukes Asia "Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit."