FreeHoshino! #187

The key for retrial is disclosing the covered-up evidences
By Mikiko Kyakuno,
the Executive Director of Justice for Govinda Innocence Advocacy Group.

It was gratifying that Govinda won the retrial, in which innocence was proved for "Tokyo Electric Power Co. Employee's Murder Case". Nevertheless I cannot be so wild with joy over this because the judgment did not mention any cause for the erroneous judgment, nor did they even have a word of apology.

In Govinda's case, the result of DNA testing, which has been done last year was all hidden in the hand of the prosecutor. Such evidence can become decisive in retrial. They had been hidden from the early stage of the investigation.

The system is corrupted. Procsecution can submit evidence advantageous to them, and cover up the evidence that will help the accused exculpate. The attitude of prosecuton is taunting, and boldly make false accusations.
Govinda has appealed, "Please stop making a false accusation against the victim, and my case should be the last one."

The Same Affliction
Kim Wong Jun

I am a Japanese born second-generation Korean. I studied at a Korean university in order to learn Korean, my native language, after graduated from a Japanese university in 1974.
In fall, I went to korea to go to a college, but I was arrested by Korea Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA), and taken away without a warrant. I was tortued and forced false confession while I was inprisoned illegaly, being charged with spying. I was sentenced to seven years in prison.
Democratization in Korea and relief activity in Japan between the end 80's and 90's. helped me out of the prison. I was released and came back to my home in December 1982.
In last April, 36 years after I was arrested, I appealed for retrial to Seoul High Court. In this April, I was found innocent of the crime.
I painfully understand of Mr. Hoshino's torment of constraint; there are cold winter and heat in summer, prohibition of writing and reading, and violence. As a person who know the situation of prisons, we should protest against such wrong doings in prisons.

Tokushima Visitation

Akiko Hoshino

"We Will Surely Unite to Win"
Visiting With Takao Hoshino
On November 19,. I went to see Fumiaki with his cousin Takao Hoshino. The prison stop issuing "education card" to Fumiaki. He thinks the reason is that tightening up with many rules might provoke Fumiaki's supporters and causes more troubles.
"It rather makes the prisoners unmotivated to work, and creates more claims. Last summer's claim might have been effective."

Takao told Fumiaki "Why don't you keep journals about your life in the prison, writing every day, once a week or once a month?" Takao told Fumiaki his last words of the day, " I will support you until you are out of prison."

The FUMIAKIKO Calendar shows the place we have reached now
November 20 was our second day of the meeting. I reported him about my trip to Korea from November 9 through 13. I have already mentioned about the trip in the letter posted to him from Korea. He has been reading about struggles under Chung Hee Park's dictatorship in Korea.
"Now Japan and Korea are getting closer," said Fumiaki, "Akiko, you must be encouraged by them."

I brought our next year's original calenedar called "FUMIAKIKO." The prison does not allow prisoners to use calendars. The adhesive was removed and returned to me without reaching to Fumiaki, so I showed it to him through the acrylic clear parittion, that separates us.
"It is more colorful than the sample we saw the other day. He seemed happy to see it.
I mentioned about my mother who is in a caring community in Yamagata. My mother told me the other day that she would like to come to Tokyo with me. she has never said that before.

I asked, "I am going to give your massage to the supporters at the next meeting on the 23rd of this month. Will you tell me what you would like to say first and foremost?" Fumiaki said, "As you said, my 38 years in prison and the our 26 years of marriage is to overturn the verdict. Reunite friends and bring us together to win."