FreeHoshino! #222
Let's Gather on November 29 for Unity with a Million People

5700 people from all over Japan, Korea, Germany and Turkey gathered at the outdoor music hall, so called YAON in Hibiya, Tokyo.
We demonstrated in the middle of the capital to show that labors united globally have the strongest power to stop war.
During past year, Hoshino Art Exhibitions have been held in fifty places all over the country and more than ten thousand people came to see his works.
The people were moved by his art with daring spirit and his wife Akiko's poems. It made the people to join "Free Hoshino" activity.
At the exhibitions 250,000 sheets of fliers were given to labor unions and many organizations including mass communications, and some local papers, some TV and radio stations reported about the exhibitions. It could be a good catalyst to open up a possibility to unite with a million people all over the world.
Let's societal revenge to the oppression by Demote
Tokushima prison demoted Fumiaki Hoshino from the second rui (the classes from 1 to 5 for treatment by the prison) to the third from October. This was prison's oppression because we had a demonstration around the prison on September 6.
Let's uncover this fact of injustice to all the people, and impeach Tokushima prison and Ministry of Justice.

Turn out the Judge by Masaaki Okuda

On September 16, Judge Masaaki Okuda's decision of the Tokyo High Court has allowed and resulted in the denial of visitation right to seven of Hoshino's friends as well as his wife Akiko since May, 2010.
Furthermore, nine letters sent to Hoshino from his wife Akiko were censored by them and most of the words were blocked out with black ink.
Okuda admitted those brutalities, and forced this evil action to destroy Free Hoshino activity that has been winning fighting with labors against Abe administration.
Such unfair treatment seemingly resulted from our demonstration which took place around the prison on September 6.

Let's Support the field of Shitou in Sanrizuka, Narita
Yoko Aoyagi (Miyagi prefecture)
On October 11, I joined "Sanrizuka All Japan Meeting" at Touhou, Narita city with labors
and students from Miyagi prefecture.
The meeting was held in field of Mr. Tomio Hagiwara, surrounded by runways of Narita International Airport.
Mr. Hagiwara said, "I wanted you to know how Mr. Takao Shitou is farming in a horrible circumstance."
It is in a really awful place where airplanes fly about at short intervals and tremendously noisy.
Some of supporters, who visited here since twenty two years, were surprised by big change of the scenery around here.
I met Akiko Hoshino at the meeting and was moved by her passionate speech on impression of the demonstration around the prison more than her anger against the prison's treatment to Fumiaki Hoshino such as unreasonable remote.
Yellow flags written <Free Hoshino> on were flowing.
Nine hundred and thirty people gathered from Chiba, Ibaragi, Gunma and other areas, and many people spoke one after another.
The most impressive thing to me was Takao Shitou's comment, "Although there are people say that I should move out giving up such a small land, this is a place where my ancestors have been cultivating for a hundred years, and I should be here. Abe's force of war low made me convinced again that my decision was right."

Tokushima Visitation Diary

Release Hoshino as Labors Spirit

Akiko Hoshino

"You seem to be recovered from tiredness. That is real Akiko." Fumiaki told me so as soon as we met at the meeting room on October 5. I might be seen tired at the last meeting in September.
According to him Tokushima prison blacked out the topics of the demonstration around the prison in our postal letters and they cut off the articles in the news in papers like "Zenshin". I reported him about our exiting demonstration around the prison in detail again.
He heard our voices clearly and felt strongly our unity.

We talked about the demonstration around the Diet. Twenty five activists were arrested for the demo. The leaders of the demo were activists of ZenGakuRen who also demonstrated around Tokushima prison at the last time.
I told him that an eighty years old woman was one of the arrested people, because she had a knife with her to cut the rope connected iron fences.
"Experienced people are doing, aren't they? I knew by a news report that there was an activist putting stones in his knapsack." Fumiaki said.
I said, "Everybody says that everything has to be done from now on." He said, "Everybody believes that everything for our future and we should not let them leave."

Meeting with Haruo, Fumiaki's older brother
On the second meeting day, October 6, I went with Haruo Hoshino, Fumiaki's older brother.
Haruo at first advised "You should ask parole at the same time appeal for retrial."
"Parole itself is hard. One of the reasons is that I am a political life time prisoner."
"What is your political crime? Is there anything specifically?" said Haruo.
Haruo continued, "I think you should express your condolences on the death of the police man, Mr. Nakamura though you did not kill him."
Fumiaki, later, updated about the Haruo's comment in his postal letter to me.
"These is some meaning about political crime. That my achievement (grade) is still low is one of the reasons.
It is not effective that leave them the decision, we have to make a situation that they have to free Hoshino."
Unreasonable Demote
On October 7, "Did you recognize my badge on my breast was changed?
I was remoted from the second grade to the third. There are five classes from A(1) to E(5), The prison estimates A or B when you did something honorable from prison's point of view. C(3) is "yellow card", and D(4) or E(5) is negative ratings. If you have D or E twice a year, you will be remoted.
In my case I just answered without permission when a co-prisoner asked me something, and I was given E. I got D another time. Prison officers thought that I was reading paper when I was setting up the paper, and they marks badly; and gave me D, then they treated me the third class.
I did not even know that rule, and this is an unreasonable demote. We could only meet three times a month, and write letters only five times a month.
We will organize appeal against the treat, and still enjoy the precious three times meeting a month.
After the meeting with Fumiaki, I applied Mr. Honda, Director of general affairs division of the prison, on the remote, blocking out letters and documents with black ink.
I believe that to release myself is in the activity for release of Fumiaki and all labors.