FreeHoshino! #214
9.6 Demonstration around Tokushima Prison
Success of Hoshino Art Exhibitions and Meetings

The Hoshino art exhibitions and the meetings at the galleries have been successful.
Fumiaki Hoshino`s persistent forty-year fighting spread the connections with citizens, labors, school people, Christians, and other people through Hoshino art exhibitions.

There was a demonstration in front of Camp Schwab against the constriction US base in Henoko, Okinawa.
The supporters of Hoshino handed a thousand of the leaflets of Free Hoshino, and we received a lot of donations.
Our new fighting has begun, in which we appeal Free Hoshino boldly in Okinawa wider than before.
Abe administration joined wars, in Middle East, that led to collapse of Islamic countries, and they planned to approve the bills toward wars through the Diet.
The people will open up new horizon of anti-war fighting with Hoshino.

Discovery of the Confession Statements of the Witnesses
Discovery of the all Evidence
There was a photo that was taken by a police man named Ichiromaru and the photo was named "Ichiromaru photo", and it does not seem there is a sign of bashing on the iron bar in Hoshino`s hand. But Tokyo high court doesn't acknowledge it, and they dismissed our second appeal for retrial.
The Hoshino attorney group asked a cognoscente, and they were given an expert opinion saying "no sign". They will proceed to the next appeal for retrial with the document. Additionally they will ask discovery of the confession statements of the eleven witnesses.

At the Hoshino Art Exhibition in Kurume, Kyushu
Thinking of Hoshino Art

Katsuyuki Akiyama, Free Hoshino, Kyushu
Here is a painting. It seems a "beautiful" painting, but it must be somewhat different from other paintings. In fact the painter of this art is a man who has been fighting against innocent crime for forty years in prison. This was my starting point to think of Hoshino art.
What is the difference between his and others? His art portrays hope with creativity. His art has light and power, and his theme is "belief".
As we see the world, the Earth seems like to be covered by seriousness by anger and pain. It is people's thoughts affected by the terrifying incidents in the world. Or it is just their anger. We have to face the reality that Neoliberalism drew us into painful situation like being in hell.
The Art that Gives Rays of Hope to Us
Many Japanese people sense impending doom and are concerned about what is happening in the near future, and they are frightened. Nevertheless, we are actually dragged to the worst situation.
Where is vision or hope? We are standing at the crossroads.
We are not powerless or helpless. This is the thing that reminds us with Hoshino's art, his belief to us, the people of the people.
What is the light and power that Hoshino's art casts to us? That is made by his pureness, clearness, friendship, love and artistic creativity. Why is his art bright? It is because he believes bright future and bright society where we can live humanly in.
Tokushima Visitation Diary

Meeting with Hoshino for three hours

Joji Fujita, Attorney

I went to Tokushima to see Hoshino on February19.
I registered the meeting at one o'clock in the afternoon, and talked with Hoshino till four o'clock, for it was just in time to get the fright to return.
Hoshino was waiting in the meeting room with a mask on his mouth, and I was worried if he had the flu, and I asked him so. He said that every prisoner wear to prevent the flu, and I felt at ease.
Although he was physically well, the coldness in the prison was beyond our imagination and he was suffering from frostbite on his ears.
I did not feel spring season around the prison.
Hoshino and I talked about many things such as opinions about the document of "Ichiromaru photo" we presented on March 10.
There was no time limit and I talked with him as much as I wanted thanks to the effort of the state compensation.
I told him about success of his art shows in places all over Japan and the art shows invited many people. He seemed to be very pleased with that.
After the meeting with Hoshino, I met with Mr. Ueda, Director of General Affair Department of the prison, and talked about measures against cold. According to him, they carry out prisoners' medical examination and they lend the prisoners knitted undershirts. He never accepts heater and hot-water bag just for budget.
I strongly insisted that health maintenance of prisoners is prison's minimum duty.
Mr. Ueda said with anger that many letters come from all over Japan, asking about measures against cold. I felt we are proceeding in improving the situation.