FreeHoshino! #211
Solidarity for Free Hoshino at All Japan Meeting on 11.29
A Million of Signature Collection with Foundation of "Saving Hoshino Organization"

On November 29, four hundred and seventy people gathered at Yotsuya Kumin-Hall in Shinjyuku-ku for All Japan Meeting titled "Free Hoshino by a Million of Signature Collection".
Hoshino's paintings were displayed in the lobby of the hall, and filled with excitement of the people who try Hoshino out of the jail for 40years.

At first Akiko Hoshino read the message from Fumiaki Hoshino, and she appealed Fumiaki's freedom as soon as possible. The participants pledged that they would win this fight, and sang the song "Solidarity" in chorus.

Third Demonstration at Tokushima Prison on September 6
Our some guidance of the year 2015 was laid down to progress.
At first, we ask all the labor unions in Japan to collect enough signatures for Free Hoshino. In Matsue city, Shimane prefecture, Hoshino art exhibition with our eagerness to save Hoshino brought the labor unions in Matsue to join our activity.
The second objective is to have Hoshino exhibition and meet the local people frequently in the early next year and communicate with people regardless of their religions or fields.
The third one is to gain the supporters for a million-signature collection. In order to do that, we must increase the number of Free Hoshino supporters and blanches throughout Japan.
After that, we will gather at Tokushima for the third prison demonstration on September 6!
Get together at Tokushima, walk on the hill to the prison, and sing "Solidarity".

Report from the Attorney
For wave of Discoveries
Makoto Iwai, Head attorney

The court admitted that the reparation to the refusal of Tokushima prison for Akiko Hoshino to meet her husband at the prison.
Regarding the retrial, we have discovered the negative film that shows Fumiaki wore a helmet and hold an iron pipe with his right hand.
Now the film has been analyzed after being digitalized.
It will not be too long for the truth to be discovered.

Let's Win at the Appeal Court
Joji Fujita, Attorney

On September 9, Tokyo District Court decided to charge the Nation and Tokyo municipality responsible for neglecting to keep the video that should prove that Hoshino is innocent. This was the first case to approve that the defender had right to access to the proof
Without seeing the video, Tokyo District Court decided that the video tape could not be an effective proof.
This is an opportunity to prove that Hoshino is innocent, and we will fight against the court refusing to step into a sophisticated analysis.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

"I Feel Excited Going for the Next Year."

Akiko Hoshino
On November 4, Fumiaki said hello throatily, and I asked why. He answered, "It always happens when I did not talk for a few days."
I worried a little that he looked tired.
I showed him a big NOREN on which the lyrics of the song "Solidarity" and a patchwork cloth. The NOREN was a gift from Ms. Shinobu Suzuki in Ibaraki, and the patchwork was done by Ms. Shoko Harima in Niigata. Fumiaki gave them a long look.
I showed him our next year's calendar as well. Fumiaki was pleased, "This is the best calendar ever. The front page is well done. It is good that your poems and my paintings are perfectly matched."

I reported him about the labors meeting on November 2 while the information is still fresh.
I also reported that we have collected benefaction 910,000 yen from 5,700 people.
I met one Korean non-regular employee who has done sit-in protest for four months in front of the company that fired him. I told Fumiaki that the Korean person was so much impressed by Fumiaki's persistent anti-war spirit in jail for 40 years.

Fumiaki's Cousin, Appreciates the Calendar
The Cousin Asks the Prison to Parole

On November 5, I visited the prison with Takao Hoshino, Fumiaki's cousin.
Takao told Fumiaki about their relatives and wanted to know Fumiaki's physical condition.
Fumiaki asked Takao's impression about the calendar. Takao answered that the both paintings and the poets were very good, and Fumiaki looked pleased.
Takao commented about Free Hoshino activities, "I would like to make the activities to be supported by public and have them find out about this false accusation, not only with friends or acquaintances. Fumiaki admitted its importance.
Also, Takao asked the prison to parole Fumiaki.

Indomitability Brings Freedom and Solidarity
On November 6, we talked about one of Fumiaki's articles. He appealed in a magazine ZENSHIN that all the suppressions by authorities could be disempowered by fighting in indomitability. We discussed about this because I felt cruel not to see "disempowerment" in our battle against the authority yet.

Fumiaki said, "The most important thing is that you confide in your object. Disempowerment means that you disempower the authority not only in your belief, but defeat the opponent in fighting indomitably. If you fight persistently you will win the freedom and it brings you to solidarity with people, and you will win sooner or later.
I have been fighting in this style, and you can see in the accomplishments of Doro-Chiba, Doro-Mito, and Suzuki-Concrete.
I actually feel how great the power we have! I put my faith one hundred percent on our people's abilities, and I feel excited when I think of the next year."

On November 7, it was the last day. Fumiaki looked completely fine, and could not stop talking. "The reason of the authority attack me is that they do not want us to do anti-war activities. I think that appealing to my false charge is not the only point.
This is for the movement of changing the society. We have to continue working against this conviction." We should get supporters from any fields to join us.

He gave me a painting named "Time in which Your Mind is Warm." There were two children in the painting. Fumiaki has painted a lot of lovable children, but he said, "What I want to focus in my paintings is on Wars and Fukushima."
After the meeting ended, his voice remained in my ears and I hoped that he has good preparation to the coming cold winter.