FreeHoshino! #199

680 People Assembled at 12.1 Hoshino Rally
Millions for Movement to Release Hoshino


680 people assembled at 12.1 Hoshino Rally in Seiryo-Kaikan. It was successful in reflection of the quantum leap of our Hoshino struggle of the past year. After the rally, we marched to Shinbashi, appealing Hoshino's innocence and his return. In the year 2014, we will fight further and open a new vista for making Hoshino free.

Report from the Hoshino Defense Committee
Reported by Katsumi Kanayama, Secretariat of the Committee

I think that there was a shared feeling of those who assembled on December 1. We fought all through 2013, and we were here with a tremendous feeling of triumph.
On November 23, a new group of Hoshino supporters has been established in Kyushu. In addition, Hoshino's painting exhibition was held in Iwate prefecture for the first time, and the first rally was held there.
In Japan Times on November 18, 2013, an article to introduce Hoshino struggle came out.
The book "Love and Revolution" was published on the same day of the 9.8 Tokushima prison struggle. This is a great weapon to carve out a victory of Hoshino struggle. Our large movement for discovery of crucial evidence is getting the prosecutor cornered.
The most impressive event in this year for me was the 9.8 Tokushima prison struggle. We sang a Korean old song, "Come Back to Pusan Port" in front of the prison, and it reached out to Hoshino himself in the jail. Tokushima prison officers had feared of the effect of this movement, and deployed guards when the lawyer Wakuta met Hoshino. The defense team has issued a statement to protest, and collected approvals of 136 attorneys who were gathered.

For Quantum Leap in 2014
Abe administration has rushed towards the war and the constitutional amendment. However, it will be destroyed by anger of our workers. On November 21, 10,000 people filled in the Hibiya Ya-on appealed against the Secrecy Law. The corruption of the governor of Tokyo, Naoki Inose fueled the fire.
Now defeating Abe, Inose, and Hashimoto in Osaka opens up a new era of labors. Those who will lead the new era are Doro Chiba, Doro Mito and the people of class labor movement.
The 39 years of Hoshino movement, his unyielding struggle, has defeated the neoliberalism. Why are many people impressed by the fight for Hoshino? It is because Hoshino defeated neoliberalism, and he is fighting with confidence from prison to mend a society for every human being to live humanly.

Address at the 12.1 Hoshino All Japan Rally Addressed by Akiko Hoshino
Thank you very much for attending this meeting. We received encouragement from all of you for Fumiaki Hoshino, and I am going to read it now <Akiko has read it aloud.>
How we overcame the strain of life term, how we cured our diseases, and the way of our life being helped were my life, in which we have been living with the belief that someday we will make a society where we can live humanly, with love.
We really appreciate your efforts for selling of the book "Love and Revolution," and we thank you for your participation to the 9.8 Tokushima Prison Demo. I think that 2013 is the best year that we fought together, in and out of the prison.
I am so glad that many people began to understand us, as seeing Fumiaki and I as a couple of a strong tie of love for 27 years.
I am pleased that many non-regular workers are seeing Fumiaki's 39 years of endurance and our 27 years of significant marriage life as a hope to live.

Fumiaki said, "This is the first time I see Akiko is eating something"
The 25th Free Hoshino group meeting in Fukuoka on November 23 was a great success. People appreciated that they felt connected to Fumiaki.
On November 29, we had 35 visitors came to Fumiaki's painting exhibition in Morioka. A new Hoshino group was formed by Kosuke Okada, Professor Emeritus of Iwate University and people in Iwate. I was happy that Fumiaki and I are connected with them.
We were deprived physically. We cannot talk as much as we want. There was one time he was staring at my face when I was biting a prune while Fumiaki is over the plastic panel. He told me, "This is the first time I see you eating something."

The time to destroy the life term penalty has come
The fight that we have been living together even he is imprisoned for life has shown that life is better than money and love. Unity is most wonderful. The success in Fukuoka and Morioka has proven this.
At the demonstration of international solidarity, we raised voices for an African American political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal who is fighting against life term. Lynn Stewart who is 74-year-old fought the U.S .Patriot Act and a condemned inmate Kevin Cooper who has been fighting his conviction of death penalty.

Report by Hoshino's legal team for retrial
All evidence has to be made public for the truth
Makoto Iwai, Chief attorney of the legal team
There was a press meeting on Hoshino's painting exhibition in December in Sagamihara, and I was invited there. Main sponsor was Asahi Shinbun, and reporters of Yomiuri Shinbun, Tokyo Shinbun, and Kanagawa Shinbun also attended. A reporter of Yomiuri asked me, "That was just an incident between the extremist groups", and he also questioned, "Are you convinced of Hoshino's innocence?" I felt strange to these questions. I answered, "Yes, that is why we applied for a retrial".
I gave them some explanations. There was a photo taken by a policeman. Hoshino was in one of them; he was carrying an iron pipe wrapped with clean white paper, implying that it had not been used.
The Asahi press man told to other press men that it was not just an incident between the movement groups because everyone in society was discussing on anti-ratification on the U.S. base in Okinawa in that time.

Prosecutor lost the reason to deny disclosure
Tatsuo Suzuki, Lead attorney of the legal team for Hoshino
We have been communicating with prosecutor in writing, and finally they came to the point where they have to show all evidence to be public.
The two demonstrations around Tokushima prison was, historically, a rare case.
The prosecutor insisted that they determined the suspect by Hoshino's voice, instead of the color of the clothes. But Metropolitan Police Department says that identifying by voice is difficult based on the precedents from Oreore or bank transfer frauds.
Also, the prosecutor covered up the civilian witnesses from disclosing the truth, saying they cannot make valid points in a confusing situation like in the riot.
If so, why did Kr's confection incriminate Hoshino? Now millions of people demonstrate in the city to save Hoshino.

From New Group
Destroy the life term of Hoshino
Katsuyuki Akiyama, Free Hoshino Group in Kyushu
A new flag is rising in Kyushu. Fumiaki Hoshino requested in his letter. He wants us to prove that the false statements were created by the six witnesses, who were forced by the authority. There is no democracy at all in the basement interrogation room of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The witnesses were isolated, and had no choice but to agree with the authority. They made Fumiaki a criminal because of their statements, but they want to rise in helping Fumiaki in the court this time, in order for them to regain their deprived youth.
We can destroy the life term of Hoshino. We are convinced that he is innocent.

Special Appeal
Let's Stand Up in Koriyama
Chieko Shiina, Promoter of 3.11 Anti-Nuclear Action in Fukushima
I am going to be a demon because the person who said, "I am going to be a demon" is no longer a demon. To me, the Secrecy Law is a kind of declaration of war. There was a hearing about this law in Fukushima. When I protested against the law with a placard, the women who used to oppose the law told me to drop the sign. However, the citizens cannot be silent. 3.11 is the day of anti-nuclear that should not be forgotten in the history. Please join us to act together in Fukushima on 3.11!
We keep fighting for Free Hoshino.

Feeling of triumph in getting the enemy cornered
Osamu Taira, Co-leader of the Committee
I felt this meeting was wonderful, and I met really great people, who try to be more humanistic with spirits, and have been encouraging one another.
Anything that breach human rights must be completely opposed regardless of size of the authority.
The demo at the prison was dynamic as opposed to the publication of the "Love and Revolution" which was static. I have finally pictured whole image of the Free Hoshino activities by reading this book.
The more we act, the more feelings of the triumph we feel in getting the enemy cornered.
We would like to welcome Fumiaki Hoshino at this gathering as soon as possible.