FreeHoshino! #208

Message from Fumiaki Hoshino
Class Struggle Labor Movement


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, representative of the capitalists that are only 1% of Japanese population, changed Japan to be an armed country from the unarmed on July 1. His decision is not accepted by most of people, and it rather incur people's wrath to turn against.
We will uncover the unjustness of nuclear weapon, amendment of the Constitution, and US base in Okinawa until the workers stand up and lead the society. It is the way to control society by ourselves. .
That is to say that everyone works freely exerting their humanity, creativity and ability to change the society humanly.
We will achieve human liberation by getting Hoshino back after his 40 years imprisonment.
We will fight together for disclosure of the negative films, crucial evidence, by collecting millions of people's signatures so that we can reopen his trial.

Akiko's Appeal
For Being Attached by All Workers

Fumiaki is now in bon holiday which is in the hottest season. There is no fan to cool in his cell, nor is he even permitted to open the only one small window, and he is in a swelter every day.
We have been very active for significant things last and this year such as demonstration around the prison, publishing the book "Love and Revolution", holding Fumiaki's art exhibitions several places in the country, and composing three songs for Hoshino.
I was asked to make a speech at 16 different places in Japan, and talked about "Love and solidarity in living with Fumiaki".
We live in an era of revolution. Once we think about the authority that put the people who were against the wars into the jail one after another, it is evident that fighting against war is fighting against suppression.
We can lead a cultural movement, starting by making songs. Last year we created three more Free Hoshino groups in Iwate, Kyushu, and Hiroshima.
We will free Fumiaki by his age of 70.

On September 23、fifteen-thousand people gathered for anti-nuclear plants, and on Sept. 28, seventy-five hundred people gathered against reactivation of Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima prefecture.

Fumiaki Hoshino's art exhibitions are always successful because of the strong resentment of the workers who believe that Hoshino is innocent.

To Disclose the All Evidences
There are four big reasons to disclose the evidences.

Frist, we have a right to ask for disclosure of all evidences as a course of judicial process.
Second, prosecutors including law enforcement had power and enough resources to collect evidences at the incident.
Third, any evidence should not be manipulated by the prosecutor.
Forth, all evidences are in the storage of prosecutor's office.

To Win Over Disclosure of All Evidences
For Success of the Labor Meeting on 11.2

We received the negative films on July 11 after the admonition of disclosure seven months ago. We will proceed observational study on the negative films.
However, the prosecutors still hide a lot of evidence. We will continue fighting against the court and the prosecutors.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

Free Hoshino Activity Leads Us to Communication with Various People

Akiko Hoshino
On August 18, the sun was beating down harshly in the morning in Tokushima, but it rained for a while in the afternoon and I felt comfortable when I went to see Fumiaki.
When I told about the rain, Fumiaki said, "It was comfortable shower for you, wasn't it? It was cloudy here from this morning. It has been cool in this summer thanks to the two typhoons while I feel very sorry for the people in Hiroshima. (One of the typhoons caused cliff failure in Hiroshima and there were many victims.) During the bon holidays, I had to change clothes three times for sweat on the 15th, but I had no problem on the other days. There was seldom hot days over 30 degrees (Celsius) in this summer unusually."
I showed him photos of flowers that were canna and rose of Sharon which were taken by Yoko Yamakawa.

I reported him about the meeting which theme was "Overturn Abe Administration" held on August 17.
"Miyako Joudai who spoke impressively at the Nagasaki Memorial Day on August 9 also attended this meeting. She said, "The adaptation of collective self-defense is an act of violence that tramples on the Constitution, and her speech moved many people." I said.
Fumiaki responded, "Japanese people who had experienced the war and the bombs think things deeper. Abe underestimates the people's anger."

I mentioned about the 8.16 All Japan Meeting. "Some Free Hoshino members told us that many people understood that Hoshino was put in jail by complete fabrication just because he was a member of anti-war activity, and since then he has been fighting in jail for 40 years."
It is the situation of collective self-defense and people know the reality.
I told him that we discussed how to collect millions' signature.
Fumiaki said. "We survived over the failure of Communist party. We have a hope. Free Hoshino activities will become more and more brilliant."

On August 19, I wrote down Fumiaki's appeal at Yaokita Medical Center Labors Union in Osaka. I will read it at the meeting. Fumiaki mentioned that the fighting with them was his goal.

After the visiting Fumiaki in the morning of the 20th, I flew to Osaka to attend a
meeting at Nishigoori-Yaokita Medical Center Labors Union, and then came back to Tokushima in the next day's afternoon. The topic with Fumiaki was almost about what I heard from the union members.
Many people in Nishigoori area in Yao city, Osaka has been struggling against discrimination for long years. Historically, they were scions of those discriminated called "buraku-min." They even offered their own land and built cheap house for themselves where their rent was about 1000 yen to help the people.
But Yao city set a new rent based on residents' income that many families were not able to pay. The city was warning the people to leave by August 19 if they could not pay the rent.
They have such grueling days. Nevertheless, they held Fumiaki's art exhibition in the city and a party to know more about Fumiaki and exchanging information.

Why Millions People are Cooperative for the Signature-Collection Campaign
I had nice words about Fumiaki and I from the people in Naishigoori. "You, Mr. and Mrs. Hoshino appreciate each other so much." "Mr. Hoshino's kind personality is reflected on his art." "I searched my conscience. My problem is a small thing compared to his." "I wised up that love and revolution was the same thing." There were many other comments.
When Mr. Morimoto's house was confiscated by the city, Fumiaki donated 5,000 yen to Mr. Morimoto, which was his one month income of labor in the prison. Since then Fumiaki and the people in Nishigoori have had warm relationship. Fumiaki tweeted, "I wish I could be there."

Since 7.1, the Nishigoori people have been tyrannized by the city. Hoshino's 40 years struggle encouraged them and urged them to unite other people. Fumiaki and I received significant impressions from unionized people, and it means that we encouraged each other deeply from our heart. This is the reason why we could collect a million of signatures through the petition drive.

On the 11th, the prison returned his picture to me, which was titled "The hills on Furano where I walk with Akiko". Fumiaki selected a motif from a photo book that Masami Kuraoka gave Fumiaki when she visited him. He wrote "For Kuraoka Sisters" on the painting. He wanted me to send a replica to Masami. She lost her sister.

Fumiaki agreed with me, "They are influenced by our struggling and way of life, and they believe that we can surely change the society. We will connect with various people. I am not there, but I can view through Akiko."
I confirmed my goal again that I surely save him from there before he hits age of 70. People around me began to say the same goal recently.
August 22 was the fifth day of this visitation. We talked about things seeing his eleventh work of this year "Mother and Child---- Prayers of Chernobyl, Prayers of Fukushima." The motif of this work is a Chernobyl child cuddling up to me. He likes this piece, and wants it to be in our next year's calendar.
In any situation, he first talks about vision and that is the way he always is.