FreeHoshino! #215
Discovery of the All Evidence to the New Stage
Free Hoshino with Successive Art Exhibitions and Meetings

Since Hoshino art exhibition was held in Tokyo in January, 2015, the supporters have been spreading all over Japan including Hiroshima and Osaka, and impressed people. Hoshino's art inspires young people who are anti-war activists or part-time employees.
March 13, Hoshino and the attorneys submitted Tokyo District Court agreement in writing about the new evidence.

Construction of American New Base in Henoko Needs to Be Stopped!
Success of Hoshino Art Exhibition in Okinawa on May 5-10
Kuniko Wada (Free Hoshino Okinawa Umanchu)
Hoshino art exhibition will be held at Naha Shimin Gallery, Okinawa from May 5 to 10. It was named as "Free Hoshino who has been in prison for 40 years since he fought for Okinawa."
This show's aim is to spread Hoshino's name until all Okinawa know Hoshino, and free up Hoshino by ourselves.
The organizers are various including union labors, religious group, students, seniors who have experience of war, journalists, and others.
Some thought that Hoshino has been already out of prison, and after they knew Hoshino's situation, they expressed outrage. This reality prompted us to get a hustle on the work for success of this exhibition.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

Meeting Fumiaki with Smiling for the First Time in Three Months

Akiko Hoshino

I went to Tokushima to see Hoshino on February19.
It was blossoming cherry on the trees on the road for the prison's sign-in desk.
Fumiaki said, "You resumed writing letters to me, and you restarted visiting me vigorously. That means you are doing fine. Then I am fine, too. "
I said that the reason why I had a recurrence was I neglect taking medicine.
"You have to take the medicine as highest priority." He said.
The day before, he talked with the attorney Tatsuo Suzuki specifically about the next tactics. Fumiaki said "I discussed with Mr. Suzuki for two hours and with another attorney Joji Fujita for three hours. I thought strongly that I want to talk to you like that after I get out of here"

He gave me his new painting indirectly through the prison. "The motif of it is the train running in the cherry blossoms at the peak on Tadami Line in Fukushima prefecture. I made this based on a picture card for sending hearty cheers to Do-ro Chiba, Do-ro Mito and the people who are fighting in Fukushima. I am convinced that they will be pleased with it. Of course I expressed of joy for your recover, Akiko. To paint cherry blossoms is very difficult, but the way I did for this time turned out right, I think. "

As Long as I Can See Akiko's Smiling...
I told him that I would attend Sanri-zuka meeting on March 29. Fumiaki said, "Every one would be glad to see your smiling face." He continued, " Kuriyama park where the meeting would be placed is memorable. Issaku Tomura's head was fractured by police officers in 2.26 fighting in 1968, and his view about anti-riot police has changed since that
incident. "
I mentioned about Kenichi Mori who died in last December. He had been giving us a donation." Fumiaki followed, "He fought at the 1971 Sanri-zuka fighting as a leader, and also supported Free Hoshino, too."

March 27. I asked him about his health condition. He answered, "I have heavy eczema, and the itch suffered me so much specially when I sleep, but I started using anti-itch cream and it's been improved. I have stomach troubles since last year. I have no appetite because of the heavy stomach feeling., but after I got medicine I can eat normally."
He talked serious topics but expressed vivaciously so I was confused as if he is talking pleasant topics.

He is reading some books in fields of wars and poverty. He asked me to recommend if there are any good books.
He got a letter from Shinich Tsujikawa. He said, "I was glad with the letter. I used to feel dizzy sometimes but it has not happened thanks to his letter. He wrote that you mustn't give pressure on young people who stand up positively. It's imitable. "
In next month, I will visit Fumiaki on his birthday. He was pleased with that idea.