FreeHoshino! #207

Absolute Opposition to the Road to War
The Anger of People Turns to Signatures of a Million People

Abe administration adopted the right to have collective self-defense at the Cabinet meeting on July 1. This is proceeding to a war.
Abe's words "for self-defense... to protect Japanese" or "to protect the vital interests of Japan" are justifications to bring us to an aggressive war again.
Abe's interest is to preserve of the capitalists. In the Pacific War, authorities manipulated Chinese labors where Asian workers fought each other and 2 million people died.
In Okinawa while the soldiers fought on their land, the innocent citizens formed to become a shield to help the soldiers from the bullets.
The authorities did not take any responsibility for the lives of the people. This is the truth of history.

We, workers insisted the importance of "Article 9 of the Constitution" to the Japanese government that we never make a way to war. Young people and students are in the forefront of the movement surrounding the Diet saying, "We have to stand now, or will be killed in the battle fields." Such anti-war movement is spreading day by day.
Our lives are exposed to the "new war" of the Abe administration. We will hold hands with any group of anti-war at workplaces, laborers' unions, schools, and collect signatures to release Hoshino.

Requesting State Compensation
Impeachment for Blacking Out Letters and Denial of Visitors

On July 1, the chief judge Yutaka Taniguchi of Tokyo District Court decided against the plaintiff that they allow Tokushima prison to black out the letters from Akiko Hoshino to her husband Fumiaki as well as the refusal of visitation by Akiko and seven other friends occurred from May in 2010.
Hoshino's attorneys filed an action in November 2011.
September 17, 2010 was the 24th anniversary of their wedding. On the day Akiko was going to visit Fumiaki, the prison denied Akiko by the reason that an attorney Makoto Iwai visited Fumiaki a week ago and it was counted as the numbers of visitation.
Denial of Wife's Visitation was Against Law
Tokyo District Court accepted that the prison's refusal of the people's visitation was against law. No one is able to trample down love and solidarity that have been kept for twenty eight years regularly.
To Visit Freely is Everybody's Right
Regarding blackout, all letters were turned down except two letters that were about Mr. Shouji Sakurai of Fukawa Case. Requesting of friends' visitation was completely dismissed.

Asking Further Actions against Heat in Summer

On July 3, Akiko and some members of Free Hoshino in Tokushima asked the prison to cope for the heat in summer as follwing:
1, Turn on AC in the cell and the factory
2, Allow to open the window of the cell
3, Allow prisoners to wipe their body by wet towel
4, Cool down the prison by watering around and use curtain to block sunlight

Tokushima Visitation Diary

Singing "Solidarity" in front of Fumiaki Akiko Hoshino

Akiko Hoshino
This was the first time to visit Fumiaki five consecutive days in a row from 30 June to 4 July. Although there are acrylic grass between Fumiaki and I with a prison guard watching, we enjoyed our conversation.
However, Fumiaki told me at the end of this visitation, "We talked about the same topic through out the three days, which is "the meaning of wars and our revolution." I should have given him some happy topics.
Songs that Shares Passion and Hope
On June 30, first I showed him photos of a hydrangea and a golden lily that Mr.Hideyuki. Yamakawa prepared for us.
I talked about the national meeting of Free Hoshino group held at an outdoor stage in Ueno. I told him, "Six hundred seventy people gathered and they enjoyed the three songs composed for Hoshino." Fumiaki said, "What about rain?", so I said, "It rained heavily later half, but the participants were okay with it because the stage had a roof." But I thought that the 100 plain-clothes cops who were there to watch us might have gotten soaked wet.

I sang "Solidarity" for Fumiaki, without explanation. I already wrote him a letter that explained the lyrics, which a professional song writer Megumi Maruo composed.
"You sang well!" He seemed so happy. "This is a song rather about our hope and passion, instead of our determination."

I heard from a person in Akita that one life term man in Israel was allowed 8 hours "honey moon time" with his wife, and had a baby. I told him this story, and he told me a Palestinian solders' example from a book, where the solders send their sperms to their wives and they had babies. There are a lot of these kinds of stories.
We had requested the same thing many years ago, but we were denied.

We discussed about the definition of Hoshino 's Fighting in related to the right to collective self-defense.
Fumiaki said, "It is meaningless to talk about my revolution without making it clear that we will win in Hoshino's case."
Painting Akiko's favorite color
July 2, I change my clothes every day like a fashion show to see Fumiaki. He is looking forward to seeing them. On this day I wore white one-piece. He said, "You selected a white one as I expected." I was afraid that he might have thought "Again?" But I explained, "Because I love white. It is transparent and light. I don't look good in dark color."
"That is why I paint my art in your favorite colors to make you feel soothed."
Recently some person told me, "You look like you came out of Mr. Hoshino's paintings."
I have never noticed such an important thing until now, and now we know that. I have never mentioned him about my favorite color. This is thanks to visiting to Fumiaki five days in a row.

July 4, the fifth day of this time, Fumiaki said, "The interesting process started." It is about the right to collective self-defense, which was forced to be executed. We will fight stronger to change the society. Young people are standing up making the movement to get Hoshino back. At the same time, Akiko will be growing to be more like you and I will be more like myself," said Fumiaki so happily.
To fight against war is to fight against suppression. I felt that Hoshino's fighting for 39 years without turning back has been meaningful.