FreeHoshino! #01
About the Premier Issue
To Band Together with People in the World

Akiko Hoshino

We, Free Hoshino Headquarters/Hoshino Defense Committee, published brand new Hoshino news named "Hoshino Newspaper". It's issued twice a month and has enough space for big photos, a lot of opinions, poetries, Tanka and other any contribution.
Last year, local supporters held in 57 places in Japan, and Hoshino art were seen ten thousand People were surprised saying "Why he could make such warm tone of paintings in
a jail?" Many people were moved by Hoshino art.
In the year 2016, many wars are breaking out here and there, and labors all over the world are raising voices against wars. This year is very year to get Hoshino back.
We should hold Hoshino art show actively in all over Japan and Tokyo including Santama. Fumiaki becomes 70 years old in this year and our 30th wedding anniversary comes in this year.
We will proceed with Fumiaki on this road in the society we can live like human.
I need release myself. My release is with Fumiaki's release. Free Hoshino activity includes everybody's release.
Our fighting against American military base is heading into crucial stretch. Hoshino's life term is inseparably connected with Okinawa. We will win the retrial!