FreeHoshino! #204


All the People Hope Disclosure of the All Evidence

Hoshino was Promoted to the Second Class
In April, Hoshino was promoted to the second class treatment, and he is allowed to have 5 times visitation of his people a month instead of 3 times and sending letters 7 times from 5 times. Akiko says with joy that she feels at ease and she thinks that she will definitely get him back before long.
Fumiaki's unconquerable fight in the jail conquered the prison's obstruction to his promotion.

Passionate discussion to free Hoshino
On April 12, we held a meeting named "All disclosure to Free Hoshino All Japan Symposium at Shibuya Kinro-fukushi-kaikan. Sixty people from all over Japan attended to discuss about our master plan of coming summer and autumn to free Hoshino.
Tatsuo Suzuki, chief attorney of Free Hoshino, described about the significance of disclosure of the all evidences, and also talked about the foresight of the regain of Hoshino clearly.
Anger of the people to the state power that forged evidence is spreading.
Now is the time to carry out the movement of disclosure of the all evidence.
In the three-party meeting by the attorneys, the judges, and the prosecutors for Hoshino's retrial which had held on December 25, 2013, the judge "recommended" disclosure of the negative photos of 33 pieces. In spite of the recommendation the prosecutors do not issue any photo yet. We have to fight against the impeachment to realize the disclosure.

4.6 Meeting for Hoshino Retrial
How is it going so far?
Lecturer: Takeo Sakai (Attorney, Hoshino Legal Team)


The Final Decision is Wavering
The case of Fumiaki features that there
is only confession statement of a person together with Fumiaki in the incident, and that there is no material evidence.
It is said that "accomplice testimony" can be easily produced a false accusation that is most dangerous, and there is a political aspect in it.
Hoshino was the leader when the incident occurred in around the reversion of Okinawa, the government does not want free Hoshino because the Abe administration is in process of constitutional reform to go to war.

The Need of Our Power
The people in court can't ignore public opinions, and we need to show the court that it is not allowed things against reason.
Signature campaign, meetings, or a demonstration around Tokushima prison are meaningful.
We will soon have the negative photos of 33 pieces, and will provide them the court.
All proof is public property. We have right of access all evidences under Article 37 of the Constitution. So we all will unite and go for the victory.

The Eighth Study for Movement of Disclosure of the All Evidence
The Fukawa Case: False Accusation and Discovery
Lecturer: Shoji Sakurai (Exoneree)
At Hibiya Library & Museum
Prosecutors Still Call Me "Criminal"
I just tell you my experiences and my
thoughts instead of lecture.
See the retrial of Hakamada case. It is surprising that prosecutors' sense. They could do immediate appeal impassively just after they were pointed out from the court that the case was fabricated. They are rotten. Prosecutors or police men do not regret anything.
Prosecutors still call me "criminal" overtly.
Let us expose the forgery of evidence and lies
The judges have decisively changed their conviction by the hair at the Fukawa case.
In the earlier phases of the trial, the lawyer has requested to issue the "appraisal of the victim," but the prosecutor has been answering that there was no article left on the scene.
But when the lawyer examined he found a cardboard package that was written on it "official retain- appraisal of the hair of the victim", and he followed up. The prosecutor provided the victim's hair eventually.
The judges knew that the prosecutor has been lying, and their impressions about the prosecutor have changed.
The voices of the statements of us, the accused of Fukawa case, I and Takuo Sugiyama have actually recorded. But the police man who recorded committed perjury "There is no record" at the court. Later they provided the record, but it was cut 19 minutes. But my remembrance was clear, and convinced that I would win.
The Power of Activity that Never Allow Conceal Evidence
They think that to hide the evidence is allowed, and they would do any bad.
We could not win by all ourselves, and we have done on the coattails of the previous precedents such as Nabari poisonous grapes case or Hinocho case.
We should make public opinion that conceal evidences is unforgivable.

Tokushima Visitation Diary
On His 68th Birthday

Akiko Hoshino
On April 23rd, the mountains around the prison were shining with young leaves, and the azaleas on the both sides of stone steps were blossoming. I wore a lily on my hair and a brooch of a red freesia on my breast Mr Hideyuki Yamakawa prepared.
Fumiaki wrote to me earlier that he was given better treatment called the second RUI (sort), and he has a right to attend meetings among the prisoners five times a month and he can write seven times a month. He came in the meeting room putting three buttons which indicate that he did not have a violation or an accident for three years, and he also has yellowish red prominent name card, on his breast, which shows the second classification.
"Congratulations for the second sort! It's really nice. It makes me feel easy. " I said. "What else you have any good thing?" He answered, "We have the privilege of gathering a month to watch a singing program on video with sweets and beverage about 400 yen. The time is longer than the third sort. But I have to absent from work though other people are working. So I would hesitate to attend it. "
A very tiny gift after he was deprived of his everything. I said to myself that he should be given whatever he would be given, but he is going to choose <unity with the co-workers>.

Fumiaki continued, "There is another classification called limited sort, if you be in the first sort you can go out and stay out. The second sort has the same privilege as the first, and you can telephone. But I have never seen anyone went out or stayed out but telephoning."
I told him that Haruo, his older brother, came back from Malaysia and the dismissal of Suzuki concrete's workers, and our conversation of the first day wormed up with those topics.
On the second day, I wore a yellow Japanese rose (Yamabuki) on my hair.
I met him at nine in the morning because I planned to visit Mr. Hideyuki Yamakawa who is one of the supporters of Free Hoshino. "It is so beautiful in the mountain now. The contrast of cider tree and young leaves is best." Fumiaki said. We talked seeing his painting called <Hope/ Future with the victims 2>.
We talked about Okinawa. too. Etsumi Taira, an Okinawan activist, writes Fumiaki often. "I see the situation in Okinawa vividly through Etsumi Taira's letters once a week. People in main land Japan also should stand up with the Okinawan people. You must not leave it Okinawan people. You fight with them against amendment to the constitution, too. "

My touching life Being with Akiko
He mentioned about the questionnaire I took at the exhibition of his art and my poetry in Asagaya, Tokyo. He said, "I knew through the visitors' reactions that many people impressed that I am in jail by the false accusation and we are husband and wife not only impression of the paintings. I also felt that the power of painting and poetry. I have been painting to heel you, and recognized that was right." The people's words comfort him, and me, as well.
We came back to the topic about Okinawa. I said that we are fighting against the unemployment problem in Okinawa as an international unity activity. Fumiaki follows that it is important that we should act the unemployment problem to shake Abe administration.
Free Hoshino struggle itself is Okinawa struggle and Fumiaki. Our last topic of this time was that we confirmed that we had to throw over the Abe administration.
On the way to leave the prison, an officer at the reception said again insistently "Never live flowers!" In spite of the unpleasant warning, I keep smiling for the fruitful conversation.