FreeHoshino! #202


Creating Movement by Million People for Disclosure of Evidence
Join Us to 4.12 Nationwide Debates

Tatsuo Suzuki, the lead attorney of Hoshino's retrial who was one of the gubernatorial candidates of the Tokyo gubernatorial election, and he has challenged head-to-head with the Abe administration that favors war and constitutional amendment.
Suzuki has appealed, "Labor is center of our society. We must gather to fight Abe." It moved especially young workers.
Our challenge in 2014 by Free Hoshino joint movement with millions of people started with Suzuki.
In spite of being ignored by all media, the 12,684 voters for Suzuki showed great potential to fight against Abe. We will gather again to save Hoshino.

Demonstration by 500 People in Shibuya

On February 9, the gubernatorial election polling day, five hundred twenty people gathered in Yoyogi Park. We had a demonstration to free Fumiaki Hoshino.
After the election, Tatsuo Suzuki expressed his gratitude to the people for their help to
the election.
Akiko Hoshino, a representative of Free Hoshino Committee and Fumiaki's wife, and Shinichi Tsujikawa, representative of K-Center, led the demonstration.
We chanted the slogan "Free Hoshino from the jail." Young people in Shibuya seemed to take notice of our appeal.
We keep trying to create a bond with a million workers in promoting a large movement during the 2.9 Shibuya large demonstrations and the gubernatorial election.
Akiko Hoshino, a representative of Free Hoshino Committee and Fumiaki's wife, and Shinichi Tsujikawa, representative of K-Center, led the demonstration.
We chanted the slogan "Free Hoshino from the jail." Young people in Shibuya seemed to take notice of our appeal.
We keep trying to create a bond with a million workers in promoting a large movement during the 2.9 Shibuya large demonstrations and the gubernatorial election.
The Abe administration is trying to prepare for a war with constitutional amendment for the right of collective self-defense, dismantlement of Three Principles on Arms Exports, and resuming operations of the nuclear facilities.
However, they cannot accomplish them without persuading us. Therefore, the government forced to establish The Secrecy Law last year, to execute their conspiracy, expansion of bugging, and stepping up crackdowns.
Our large movement for disclosing of hidden evidences by the government is showing its progress.
We are full of anger, and now the world is against the neo-liberalists that violate the way of human beings. However, pressing the movement by crackdown will not happen because we will win with the class labor movement and protect the workers' rights.
In the three-party meeting by the attorneys, the judges, and the prosecutors for Hoshino's retrial which had held on December 25, 2013, the judge "recommended" disclosure of the negative photos of 33 pieces. This is a decisive step toward the Hoshino's retrial.

The next step is to disclose all evidences including the confession statements of the eleven witnesses.
In January, the 36th Free Hoshino Group was formed in Iwate Prefecture, and there were Hoshino's painting exhibitions and meetings for Free Hoshino activities across the country. Disclosure of All Evidences movement is growing.

The 7th Study Meeting for Disclosure of All Evidences-Large-Movement
Commonality of Retrial Cases between Incident of Murder Radio Seller and Hoshino

Lawyer (Former Judge) Kenzo Akiyama

On February 21, the 7th study meeting on retrial of Hoshino was held in Hibiya Library Culture Museum. The instructor was Kenzo Akiyama.
At first Tatsuo Suzuki, the lead Attorney of Hoshino's retrial, said, "Hoshino's retrial case is like the incident called 'Tokushima radio seller-murder.' The third witness's confession was a decisive testimony, and gave us a big hope."
"I, Kenzo Akiyama, became a lawyer after resigning to be a judge when I was almost 50 years of age. Hoshino's case has a typical structure of a false accusation that stands based on only one testimony that Hoshino killed the police man. The witness was threatened that he had to give false witness to police; otherwise he was threatened to be in jail.
I hope my talk helps for Hoshino's retrial."

Guilty Sentence by a False Testimony

Their human rights violations, which also ignore the "I do not understand why Ms. Shigeko Fuji was guilty. I am sure that the police has threatened the witness saying something like "You would be in jail for ten years if you don't say you did."
The police concealed the photos such as trace of muddy shoes on sheets.
Prosecutor put on trial of Ms. Fuji for concealing their disadvantageous evidences.
At the retrial, 22 notebooks of evidences appeared. Influence of Shiratori case and Zaitagawa case helped courts to allow showing true evidences. But in order to keep high morale of prosecutors and police officers, in the year 1984, disclosure of evidences has been tightened up.

There Is No Reason to Refuse Disclosure of Evidence
In the retrial cases in these years, the presented evidences were given at the beginning and nothing was new. The shirt with blood was fabricated by police, and his co-worker's witness was hidden.
If Hoshino is a true culprit, there is no reason to refuse the disclosure of evidences. At the retrial of Hoshino, all the statements by the eleven witnesses have to be revealed.
By doing so, I am sure that the door of the retrial will be open widely.

Tokushima Visitation Diary
Fumiaki Went through the Wall of the Prison for the Gubernatorial Election

Akiko Hoshino
On February 12, Fumiaki talked about the Tokyo governor election.
"Tatsuo Suzuki has talked in front of the ten million Tokyo citizens including the activists. He presented his spirit straight to the public, and everybody learned something from it.
Fumiaki, who has been in jail for 39 years in struggling for his innocence, seemed in high spirits.
The topic about Suzuki at the gubernatorial election made Fumiaki excited at the meeting room. I'm the only person that Fumiaki can talks about the election, and he had plenty of words and could not stop talking. "I found the results of the election in Asahi Shimbun. There were 12,684 votes. It was great in spite of being ignored by media. It was a good challenge regardless of the result.
The 13th, on the next day, Fumiaki was very quiet.
"What's the matter?" I asked. He said, "I talked too much yesterday, so today is my turn to listen to you"
I told him about the campaign of Tatsuo Suzuki in downtowns of Tokyo, where I gave speeches many times on the streets while it was snowing.
Fumiaki said, "In this winter I tried to be in futon to avoid coldness to read and study. It is comfortable to be in futon, but I'm out and fully clothed when I do painting work."
He gave me the painting he named "Hanami-yama in Fukushima, For 3.11." Fumiaki said that he draw this piece, looking at cherry blossom in Spring in two photos from Mr.<First Name>Nemoto in Fukushima and Mr. <First>Fukuda in Tokyo. He draw this in the freezing prison. Fumiaki intended to use this piece named <The Fall in Tadami-gawa in beautiful Fukushima> for exhibition in March.
He has been dedicating to making his art pieces. I believe that the power of truth makes him energized to live.

Return All of the Fukushima

On the 14th, it was hit by heavy snow in the morning. As we did not know whether I can return to Tokyo on the same day, I was the only person in the waiting room. No one else but us were in the meeting room, and we talked relaxingly about the painting of Hanami-yama. According to Fumiaki, the sub-title of the painting became <Return all Fukushima>. He explained "It claims return of the nature, life space, work space and Fukushima. I painted this for Fukushima people, but also to comfort Akiko because you seemed to be stressed from being busy in these days. I believe this is well done."
He gave me the New Year's cards that Fumiaki received from his supporters. He said, "Since the publication of "Love and Revolution", the letters from these people has become more meaningful, and all cheered me up."

We came back to the topic about the election.
Fumiaki spoke. "I am disgusted about Prime Minister Abe whenever I saw him on TV. It is evident that he does not make people happy, and the general public know about it. The capitalists and the authorities oppress the labors. Labors should unite and stand up to regain everything, and live humanly.
The horizons acquired in gubernatorial election, is also the horizon of us. The most important thing is that we, Akiko and I, are together as we overcome the life imprisonment that the authority wants to crush our humane life.
This has made our life brilliant.
Only very thing is that I cannot hold you."
He sounded like political agitation to me.
I wanted to improve myself to follow him who has changed while fighting in jail.