FreeHoshino! #212
Saving Hoshino with a Million of Signatures in 2015!
Hoshino Art Exhibition and Meetings

The year of 2015 is the beginning of the fight to get Hoshino back.
New branches of Free Hoshino Committee has been established in Iwate and Akita prefecture last year after Hoshino art exhibition.
Many of the members of Iwate branches are Christian and telling about Hoshino to other Christians in Northern North-East area.
The members of Akita branch has protested Free Hoshino for the first time on the streets.
In Matse, Shimane prefecture where its first Hoshino art exhibition was held in, the volunteers dropped Hoshino's leaflets at city hall, train station, universities, residential areas, and the press club.
One labor union collected 870 signatures.
In Kyushu, the members are communicating priests and are received positive feedbacks.
In Osaka, one labor union member opened a Hoshino art exhibition. Many people with the union members gathered at the gallery.

Urgent Asking to Tokushima Prison
To keep Hoshino's Health in the Violent Cold

Tokushima is located in southern Japan, where people are apt to think that it is tropical, but the prison is in the mountains and the temperature in winter often hit sub-zero. In this winter a few people died by cold and heavy snow.
The prison has not allowed Hoshino to have a heater or hot-water bottle or pocket warmer despite our repeated requests.
Therefore, members of Free Hoshino Committee, labor unions and supporters all over Japan sent documents below to the prion and Ministry of Justice.

1, Install a heater in the cell
2, Allow prisoners to use a hot-water bottle
3, Allow prisoners to use a pocket warmer
4, Allow prisoners to use warm underwear like "heat-tach"cloths
5, Carry out health checkup of all the prisoners immediately
Four people including Akiko Hoshino filed infringement of human right against the prison with Tokushima Bar Association. This topic appeared in TOKUSHIMA SHIMBUN.

New Year's Interview
From the Interview with Tatsuo Suzuki, Lead Attorney

Motive to Run for Upper House Election and Meaning of 16,981 Votes
I feel people's disaffection and combustion against Abe administration's policy such as amendment of the constitution that is leading to war. Everybody is interested in politics, but the society has not changed whichever we voted in. It just led spreading people's feeling of distrust parliamentary democracy.
So I thought that I have to address the reality head-on. If there is no leader who faces the situation squarely, it poses people's disappointment or disinterest. I could not leave myself in such an irresponsible situation, and I decided to run.
I appealed through this campaign to make a society of labors and a new party organized by labors. The 17,000 votes mean that my policy was accepted by the people.

Our Free Hoshino Fighting Made Substantial Progress Last Year
I included Free Hoshino in my campaign because I wanted people to know about that he has been in a jail for forty years. His wife Akiko Hoshino supported my campaign and spoke about her husband on a street and the story about their life impressed the crowds.
Abe administration ignores the mind of people in Okinawa, saying "The new American base will be set up in Henoko, Okinawa."
The government betrayed the people when there was the reversion of Okinawa from U.S. occupation in 1972. "Without nuclear" and "Treating Okinawa as main land". never happened. Then Okinawan people had a general strike. Hoshino fought with the people in Tokyo. Free Hoshino is one of Japanese people's historical tasks.

Hoshino's consistent antiwar fighting for 40 years in jail
During the ordinary parliamentary session
in this year, exercise of the right of collective self-defense and the Peace Preservation Law will be passed, and it will lead us to a war.
It is evidently illogical to ignore that the color of Fumiaki's jacket in an evidential photo was different from the color that was said by the perjurer.
It is human's basic right to ask for a retrial when the case cannot be justified.
"The new evidence is in the depository of prosecutors' office." This was the case that was found during the retrial of Mr.Govinda who won.
It is the key to complete collecting a million of signatures to give a blow at the government and prepare to move on.