FreeHoshino! #03
Hoshino Art Exhibition Breaks His Prison Life

Hoshino Art Exhibitions were held in 57 places in all over Japan in 2015, and 10,000 people visited the art halls, and we handed out 300,000 sheets of flyers written about Hoshino's situation.
We are convinced of our goal if we could spread this art activity. We set a policy of having Hoshino Art Exhibitions in all over Japan and establishing Free Hoshino Group every city and village in the county.

Let's Make Hub Places All Over Japan
In January 2016, Hoshino Art Exhibition will be held in Numazu, Tokyo, and Tsuchiura. In February, it will be in 3 places; Hiratsuka, Matsue, and Shiki. 7 places in March, in Saga, Hiroshima, Kawasaki, and so on. Supporters are planning Hoshino's art show total in 23 places by May.
Since 1980 the Japanese government is destroying our basic social life. They promoted outsourcing and produced a large number of non-regular employees, and marriage and childbirth are not easy for young people in this society. So the people who want to change the society gather at Hoshino Art Exhibition.
Hoshino's art has power that inspires people to live humanly at every place held his art show. There is people talk with tears, "I have never known that such a great person exists." We see such a person at any hall of Hoshino's art. Most people start to act as Hoshino's supporters afterwards.

Let's gather at the Prison for Demonstrate Again
The prison suppressed many new-year-cards to Hoshino until February. The prison gave the new-year ?cards to Hoshino, but some words in 327 cards were blocked out with black ink because those cards are with photos of our last demonstration at the prison.
We have to appeal many evil treatments of the prison.
So we will gather at the prison to demonstrate again on February 19.

Akiko Hoshino
The only gift I can offer to you,
Who have been forced to live in jail,
Is a mirror that shows you and all what you are;

The mirror shows you at the age of seventy,
Your true self, without any deception,
Saying, "Look, this is your life."

You say, "I have no regrets over my life.
If I were to be born again,
I would not hesitate a moment
To choose the same life
With you, Akiko, and our dear friends,
Working together in unity,
Because we are generating power
To open up our future."

Day after day, year after year,
Spending your life in a lonesome, cold prison,
Quietly burning the flame of resistance,
Concealing behind the smile on your face,
And the mirror reflects all that there is.

Adamant Spirits Pierce the Walls
Yasuhiro Tanaka, Chairperson, Doro Chiba
There was a poem named "Batta (Locusts)" written by Akiko Yosano to pay homage to French Revolution in the end of 18th century in France.

(This poet likes to press a lot of locusts in her palm because the locusts resist agilely and they remind her lots of prisoners trying to break Bastille's walls.)

To express power of obscure labors in a poem in the time the poet lived (1878-1942) must be extremely courageous.
Today, unyielding spirit of Hoshino, who has been in jail for more than 40 years, is penetrating the prison's walls, and shaking labors spirits in the States, Korea, Germany and Turk.
Hoshino is reaching here as he says, "I feel the prison's walls are getting thinner."

Akiko Yosano wrote a poem paying homage to Russian Revolution as well.

(This poem's tittle is "Fushigi no Machi (A Strange Town). She wound up in a strange place. She feels weird because there is no soldier nor neighbor country to fight against.)

Yes, we, labors, have no border. Of course a prison wall must not exist anywhere.
Let's break the prison wall!

Poem from Turkey

Hoshino, I read that
You've been in prison for forty years
that much from my birth through years of growing up
to the present age of mine
>From what I read
I almost have the feeling to be ashamed of my forty years

I'm thinking of you
The feast of colours in your paintings
I've never come across
These colours
are the blaze of resistance illuminating the darkness
Even mother nature would shy away to bear
as your eye pupils have been in prison for forty years

Years... yours, mine, ours
resist the oppressors' persecution
as if driving the time mad
bending distances
making their blood freeze

Hoshino, this order of exploitation will pay
forty million times for the wrong done to you
Your vast patience
Will whet the hearts of rebels

Hoshino, human beings venture so many things
for the emancipation of humanity
in the West and East
The persecution machine growing monstrous
look how it grows rotten, rusty
from the drops falling from the foreheads of the likes of you
It awaits to be discarded to the garbage bin of history

Who knows how many years later
when socialism blossoms on earth
there will be only one thing in the future worth mentioning
The struggle waged by those like you
for the emancipation of our children

8 December 2015

Provide Requisite Treatment for Mumia

Jack Heiman who lives in the States, requested Doro Chiba to appeal to American Embassy, Tokyo to provide requisite treatment for Mumia Abu ?Jamal.
Mumia was a former spokesperson for Black Panther, and was arrested in 1980 by complete fabrication that he murdered a policeman. He got a death penalty, but people all over the world waged opposition campaigns, and he went to prison for life.
He is now in a kind of a reformation/correction institution, not a medical hospital, in Pennsylvania, but has serious symptoms of diabetes and hepatitis C. So let's appeal to American Embassy to help Mumia.
Our appealing items are;
1, Transfer him to a special hospital.
2, Medicate him in an appropriate manner.
3, Free Mumia!

Postal Address:
American Embassy, Tokyo
Akasaka 1-10-5, Minato-ku, Tokyo