FreeHoshino! #219
Bring Down Abe Regime!
To the 9.6 Demo around Tokushima Prison

Free Hoshino - Kochi Established
On June 27, Free Hoshino ? Kochi organized. This is the 29th Free Hoshino group in the country and the third in Shikoku after Tokushima and Ehime. Fumio Shimamura is representative for the group. The group will hold a Hoshino's art exhibition soon.
People in Mie prefecture are going to organize a Free Hoshino group there as well. Our plan of Hoshino exhibitions tie-up is working wonderfully.

Solidarity beyond the Walls
Our voices reached the ears of Fumiaki Hoshino at the demonstration around Tokushima prison on February and September in 2012, and he said, "It was like we all are having a meeting here."
He is "Soul of labors" now.
Hoshino's art exhibitions have been held in fifty places all over the country. All the shows were successful and the people have convinced, "We will win and Hoshino will be buck soon."

Overturn Abe Regime and Free Hoshino
On July 15, Fumiaki Hoshino told his wife, Akiko when they met in the prison, "Abe has dug his own grave. He might think that people and labors would give up since the force the bill, he was wrong. It is a problem of our
life-threatening." As he said, people are standing, and the stream of anti-war and anti-Abe is spreading more and more.
The embattled authority arrested two people by fabrication of fraud when they were fighting against war and nuclear plants. We have to get them out soon.

26,540 People's Signatures Presented
On July 21, Hoshino's family, co-representatives of Free Hoshino Committee in Tokyo, and Free Hoshino groups all over the country presented 26,540 people's signatures for disclosure of all evidences and retrial to the Tokyo High Court. The signatures' overall total is 65,857.

After Wonderful Hoshino Art Exhibition to Okinawa General Strike
Kuniko Wada, Free Hoshino, Okinawa

On July 18, the 21st Free Hoshino assembly in Okinawa was held at Nyatan Nirai Center welcoming some new members. We have had a successful Hoshino art exhibition in May, and met many nice people. We have had impressive time during the fighting for Okinawa. We convinced our progress through those activities.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

"Abe Has Dug His Own Grave."

Akiko Hoshino

On July 13, it was clouded. At first he told me about his skin trouble. He went to see a doctor in town out of the prison, and the doctor said that his skin trouble was not scabies. Since he used steroid it was extremely improved. "At the same time..." He added, "My forgetfulness went away; it is really improved. I am surprised."

Love, Bonds and Solidarity Turn into Power
The next day was hot. Our topic on the day was relationship of Fumiaki and the Okinawa activity against Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements. "In a way, I became integrated with the activity against the Arrangements, it is not only in Okinawa, but also in the main land Japan, and the authority crashed me to life term.…" Fumiaki's talk was endless. I think that he means that we should make all the things we have such as love, bonds and solidarity turn into our power.
Our meeting on July 15 was just after the bill of Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements was passed. Fumiaki said, "I saw news on TV at noon that various people like house wives, salaried men, students and labors run to the Diet and appealed seriously. Abe has dug his own grave by forcing the bill at the meeting of the lower house. He might think that people would give up. He was wrong. It is a problem of our life-threatening. We have to continue to fight till the bill is discarded." Fumiaki talked enthusiastically.

"I Am Glad to Have People's Impressions about Akiko's Poems"
On July 16, the typhoon was approaching and was rainy. Because of the rain we felt cool and comfortable.
We talked seeing his painting that I am bringing home to. The painting's name is "Akiko, holding the minds for Chernobyl and Fukushima". This was submitted a competition of prisoners' exhibition. It was used to take three years to be returned to the painter, in recent years, one year.
I said, "This work is nice." "I felt at ease if you say so." Fumiaki said, "This is my best piece, I think."
"As for the exhibition in Okinawa, I am so glad that we had visitors' voices that they felt wonderfulness of human through my paintings. Especially in Okinawa, people liked your poems not only my paintings. I am happy to know that.

On the last day, Fumiaki emphasized, "We should make a situation that the authority
must release me. It's the time that we all have to be against war, and the Liberal Democratic Party will be driven out sooner or later."
It was fruitful five days. I came back to Tokyo in safety though typhoon was coming.