FreeHoshino! #223
11.29 Free Hoshino All Japan Assembly
Let's Unite with One Million People through the New <Hoshino News>
610 people gathered at Seiryou-kaikan (hall) on November 29, and had a strong determination to release Hoshino!
We will publish <Hoshino News> in tabloid. This newspaper will be our catalyst to realize our aim.
Ms. Yukiko Mito from North Tokyo and Mr. Masaki Ichikawa from Fukushima moderated.
Akiko Hoshino read a message from Fumiaki, and talked about her deep conviction for her husband's freedom.
Our attorneys updated their works.
Makoto Iwai reported about retrial. Joji Fujita talked about national reparation for the video. Masaharu Nishimura, about national reparation for black out letters and refusal meetings with Hoshino, Osamu Wakuta about 9.6- emonstration around Tokushima prison, and Takeo Sakai about trustworthiness of the confession statements by the witnesses.

To Success the Demonstration around the Prison on 19 February
Hiromi Tomura (Co-representative)
Fumiaki Hoshino has been fighting in the jail for forty one years for seeking the society where everybody is able to live humanly though himself is abused by the authority, and his mind is always take care of us.
In October he was demoted the rate for treatment by the prison from the second class to the third. There were two reasons; one was that he answered a prisoner when he was asked and another was jailer thought that Hoshino was reading newspaper when he cleared up around him.
The prison is still doing blacking out the postal letters to Hoshino.
So we will success the demonstration on 19 February to appeal these unjust treatments.

Voices at Gathering on 29 November in Okinawa
Okinawa has to Defeat the Japanese Government
Osamu Taira (Co-representative)
Why Fumiaki Hoshino had to get in such a difficult situation? Because he fought against the treaty between U.S. and Japan on Okinawa in the 70's.
Okinawa has to defeat the Japanese Government so that it disrupts the treaty.

The thirtieth <Free Hoshino> Group Has Established in Kagawa Prefecture
The thirtieth <Free Hoshino> group has established in Kagawa prefecture in September. Our Hoshino art exhibition in Kagawa made us to establish the group.
There was a book at first. We were moved by the book "Love and Revolution written by Akiko Hoshino, at the same time we were impressed by the Hoshino art as well, and decided to hold an art exhibition hear in Kagawa.
We had the exhibition on 21 and 22 August in Takamatsu city.
About 100 people came to appreciate. They donated a lot of money, too.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

Human Beings Could Care for Others

Akiko Hoshino

On November 4, I visited Fumiaki with his cousin, Takao. They discussed keenly in a calm atmosphere.
On the next day, Fumiaki and I talked about his skin trouble. He knew that he was not scabbed, but there are some prisoners scabbed. The prisoners use baleful materials such as organic solvent at craft work and are often exposed to poisonous things.
Drawing Irises and Roses
Fumiaki presented me a painting of irises and roses that were taken from a photo album Mr. Hase, a member of Free Hoshino, Miyagi.
Titles Fumiaki titled have been usually banned because prison officers assumed them his secret communication to Akiko, and that was untitled, actually the name is "Akiko's Birthday, Irises and Roses with Love".
"I have done this work relaxed though I used to make pieces in haste and felt reluctant.i

With Real Love, Bond and Unity
We mentioned about Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa on November 6. Fumiaki commended that Madera's power was cultivated with fight in jail.
He is now reading "Human" published by NHK Publishing. Inc. and he appreciated the words <The difference between monkey and human being is that we are able to care for others>, and "Otherwise we lose communal principle."
"I somehow feel as if I am fighting with labors in the world in my ordinary life in a prison, and this feeling is getting bigger."
"According to survey by internet, 10,000,000 people oppose the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, and 20,000,000 people feel unacceptably.
"Capitalists;1 % of the population sacrifice labors; 99% of it. The same structure cover all over the world. We figured out that was our only problem.
Only thing we have to do is continuing the fighting that is also people's hope.

We Convinced Again Hoshino's Innocence
On 14 November, we, 25 volunteer supporters had a field survey at the point of the incidence occurred in Shibuya.
Umezawa rice store in front of the place of the police man died by bashing was there as it was. When we went there, our attorneys were examining to prove Hoshino surely saw light there at the point.
We actually saw light of cars coming down from the slope, and knew that Hoshino could not join the bashing if he was at the place he could see the light.
We all convinced again Hoshino's innocence.