FreeHoshino! #210
For Free Hoshino
Gather at 11.29 All Japan Meeting

11.2 All Japan Labors Meeting
Meeting and Demonstration against War and Privatization

On November 2, 5,700 people gathered from the country and the world, and appealed against wars and Abe's politics.
Many protesters from Korea, the United States and Germany participated to stop wars and the neo-democracy which aim corporate profits before people's lives.

Fumiaki Hoshino is Leader of All Anti-War
Akiko Hoshino appealed that we will defeat Abe admin., and free Fumiaki by his age of 70. She read Fumiaki's massage: "Suppression or aggression works effectively when we relent to, but it doesn't work when we stand up unyieldingly, so topple the capitalists and the authorities, and make a society where we can live humanly."
The song "Solidarity" was sung joyfully at the former National Railway labors' meeting held in 33 places all over Japan.

For Progress of Free Hoshino Activity
In 2014, the new Free Hoshino groups established in Iwate and Akita prefecture.
Hoshino's art exhibition has been held many different places successfully.
On the retrial, we won to reveal the fabrication. We have the evidence, which are negative films of the photos taken at the Shibuya Riot.

All Labors Unions To All People

We Can't Accept the New Searching Way of Investigation
It Just Makes More Fabrications

On September 18, Legislative Council of Ministry of Justice submitted to
Minister of Justice a plan to reform of criminal justice system.

The new way investigation in the plan is to promote proliferation of wiretapping by police. It will restrain or inhibit people's freedom of speech.

One of the problems of the plan is that they would be able to fabricate anonymous witness through video monitor.

Japan Federation of Bar Associations has been making a point that visualization of interrogation is necessary because figments of statements can create false accusations.

Having a too long detention period is considered one of the inciting causes of leading unfair interrogation and figment of statements.

We will be more active to stop the reform at the regular Diet session of the next year.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

Met a doctor outside of the prison for an examination

Akiko Hoshino
On October 6, because of the typhoon, all the morning flights were canceled.
I took the first flight in the afternoon, and ran up to the prison by Mr. Yamakawa's car. However, I couldn't meet Fumiaki because I was 7 minutes late.
Fumiaki wrote me a letter earlier that he was shown a shadow in his lung when he had an X-ray, and I worried about it. He wrote me again that he met a different doctor outside of the prison. I have been wondering if he was all right.

On the 7th, he told me, "I went out of the prison for the first time in 20 years and met a doctor even though I can't say which hospital I went. I had a CT-scan there."
"How was the result?"
"I was just informed today. The doctor I met on that day was the same person with the one takes care of us in the prison. The shadow is just a mark of my past pneumonitis that has been cured. I was told that I had lung emphysema, but there is no need to worry. I am not a heavy smoker any more. "

I felt relieved to hear the good result.
Fumiaki was impressed by the scenery he was seeing from the car when he went to the hospital, and wrote the impression in 2 letters, but all contents were blacked out by the prison.

On the next day, we talked about our calendar of the year 2015: I knew he wanted to put on his painting "Mother and Child?Hope of Chernobyl" at the front page, and I will attune my 12 poems to his 12 paintings from January to December. This calendar will be more harmonized than ever.

I asked him how he felt when he was making his painting "Hope ?For the future of the people in the afflicted area." He answered, "The three groups of the parents and children who died in the incident live together inside the people who are alive".
When I read out ten of my poems, he was very pleased, saying, "The poems and the paintings enhance each other."

He received the social activists magazine "Zenshin". I said, "They wrote that Fumiaki Hoshino who has been struggling in a prison for 40 years made him a central leader." He answered, "I will write for Zenshin next time by taking the words to my heart."

Let's Get Back Human's Cooperativity
On October 9, we talked about "human's cooperativeness". Fumiaki said "We can share everything by replacing yourself with another person." This is one of the most important characteristics of human beings.
I gave him a music box of "Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo" to celebrate our wedding anniversary. He is not allowed to keep the box in his cell, but he could listen to the music at the corner in the factory.
After the meeting with Fumiaki, Mr. and Mrs. Yamakawa and I asked the prison for Fumiaki's medication and heating pads in his cell.

On October 10, it was the last day of the visit. In the morning, he met me while he was a referee of the athletic meets in the prison event.
He gave me his recent work titled "Living in War," in which he painted children in a war. He said, "Fukushima and wars are my top subjects when I paint."
I talked about my mother who is in a nursing home in Yonezawa city, Yamagata prefecture. The staff of the home provided a big board to put photos and post cards, so my mother could enjoy watching at good old time including her lovely dog, which already died.
Fumiaki said, "The staff made it for your mother because they are impressed by you visiting your mother three times a month from Tokyo."
It was a fulfilling four-day visit.