FreeHoshino! #216
For 9.6 Demonstration around the Prison
Fighting Against the Abe Administration

Many people in the country are filled with fury and a sense of crisis against the road to war. 30,000 people gathered at Rinko park in Yokohama city on May 3 to appeal against the reinterpreting the constitution by Abe administration.
150 people gathered at front of Sakuragi-cho station in Yokohama. We called for Free Hoshino and handed 2000 colored fliers to the people, at the same time we collected 309 signatures.

Let's Unite with Different People by Art Exhibitions
Hoshino art exhibitions are held one after another all over Japan successfully.
The visitors are moved by Hoshino's paintings which are bright and gentle, and they are convinced of Hoshino's innocence.

Reports by mass communication are also significant. The first exhibition in Shizuoka was put in Chunichi Shimbun with color photo. Okinawa Times reported that Hoshino expressed his love for Okinawa in jail, and it created impressive communication among people. One labor union members in Toyonaka city, Osaka started a hundred signatures campaign.

Disclosure of the Eleven Witnesses' Confession Statement
Attorney Takeo Sakai

Points of the Case
Constitution of Typical Fake Accusation

The point that we have to think first is that the prosecutors have only evidences by inappropriate boys as witnesses for that. Mr. Kr who was one of the bodyguards for Hoshino was together with Hoshino then. He did not confess that the voice that gave the instruction to throw fire bottles was not Hoshino's.
The prosecutors brought a conviction for their own convenience in spite of being repugnant to the fact.
1, Objective and Conclusive Evidence
The eleven witnesses' confession statements would be very significant to clarify the fact.
2, To Prove that Hoshino Did Not Act Bashing
Light blue was eye-catching color in the incident. But there was no one who mentioned a man who wore right blue jacket. It means that Hoshino did not act bashing the policeman who was dead then.

Tokushima Visitation Diary

"The Best Meeting I Have Ever Had"

Akiko Hoshino

This time I arranged my schedule so that I could meet him on his birthday April 27.
"Azaria on the side of the path to come here is in full bloom." I said, and Fumiaki responded, "It's because around the way is warmer then here in the jail."
I reported about Suginami-city council election. "Mr. Kunihiko Kitajima racked up 1998 votes. But the second place by 26 vote margin. Indeed regrettable." Fumiaki's comment about the result was "Even so, the election this time was better than before. We should appreciate the 1998 voters, and keep going to make an effort to change the society in all seriousness."
This was our conversation at Fumiaki's 69th birthday.
<Akiko> "I want you really take care of your health.
<Fumiaki>"The reason you fell sick from last December to March was the third time. Whenever you were sick, I faced the daunting reality of us."
<Akiko>"The reason of this time was that I was lazy to take medicine, and I have been always positive feeling to you."
<Fumiaki>"We are very happy with our relationship, so we will talk everything with respect."

Vigorous Art Exhibition
Fumiaki's art exhibition in Tokushima city opened yesterday.
I reported Fumiaki about the exhibition. "Young people came, and one young man commented that he would never forgive the authority that trapped him in such a long time though Mr. Hoshino makes such sweet paintings. I would like to work for his release if there is something I can do."
Fumiaki was glad with the success throughout the country and said, "I feel sure that many people react well whenever we work on the people. I know things are different from last year. It is evident in the fliers as well."

The people of the group Free Hoshino Okinawa set rules for the group and made 15,000 fliers and worked hard to succeed the exhibition.

Our Fighting is Our Hope

April 30. "This time is the best meeting with you I have ever had, Akiko." Fumiaki smiled saying so. "You are doing your best for your health in mentally and physically, at the same time you are spreading our activity. It is my base to live. I lost my energy while you were in a hospital. Now I can live positively."

He is suffering from hypothermia, and I asked the prison that a hot-water bottle is necessary for him.
On the fourth day, we talked about his new painting that I was given to bring it home.
It is Indian children who live merrily overcoming poverty and the caste system.
His pimples on chest and arms are getting cured after he changed the medicine. He suffered from stomach trouble before, and he had a check and knew that was erosive gastritis.